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Denki launches multiplayer Tetris on iDTV

Scottish developer Denki has announced the launch of its latest interactive digital television (iDTV) title - which allows two players to compete head to head at classic title Tetris.

The game is being rolled out on Sky Gamestar, using the Liveplay games service - created by UK firm Minds Eye Productions - and it also features a matchmaking system that tracks players' skill and ensures that they battle opponents of similar ability.

"Working on a game with a history and fanbase like Tetris has been an exciting challenge for Denki," according to managing director Colin Anderson. "We wanted to ensure that the simple and addictive gameplay was faithful to the single player game and make it as easy and convenient as possible for players to find and challenge others."

"Denki has a great deal of experience in bringing original and branded games to digital television," he continued, "and we're very proud to have been involved in bringing Liveplay Tetris to life."

Denki has previously been involved in creating a large range of branded and original titles for iDTV, and has largely devoted itself to exploring the possibilities of "non-dedicated" gaming platforms - like interactive television and mobile phones - which, it believes, represent a strong chance to penetrate the mass-market.

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