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Dexter's Laboratory iDTV Success

AWARD-WINNING GAME DEVELOPER Denki successfully brings Cartoon Network's legendary boy genius Dexter to gamers' hands with Dexter's Laboratory - Dexter vs. Mandark for Sky Gamestar.

This fast-paced, action-packed adventure takes place in Dexter's Laboratory, which has been taken over by his nefarious sworn enemy Mandark. This provides the ideal setting for a unique combination of destruction, brain-teasing puzzles and exploration.

Players control Dexter, who must draw upon all of his ingenuity to build incredible gadgets to help him regain control of his laboratory. Whether zooming about with his hover-pack or zapping enemy robots with his blaster, Dexter must skillfully negotiate the treacherous traps that Mandark has planned. Winding his way ever closer to a final showdown in the control room, Dexter's wits again come into play as his foe unleashes a series of increasingly crafty mini-games and puzzles.

Commenting today, Denki's Ian Kiigan said: "As fans of the cartoon series, we are extremely proud to have successfully undertaken this project with Sky and Cartoon Network. Throughout development, we were constantly mindful of delivering a game that was both true to the spirit of the show and really fun to play in its own right. A great character like Dexter deserves a great game, and with our customary attention to detail and high production values, Denki was ideally suited to doing him justice."

Joe Braman, iTV Content Manager for Cartoon Network agrees: "By the time Denki have finished creating a game for Cartoon Network they know the brand as well as, or in some cases, better than us and Dexter vs. Mandark is no exception - another excellent game. They have included the main elements of the show with Dexter's inventions, Mandark's evil tendencies and Dee Dee, in the form of evil Dee Dee bots slowing Dexter's progress. This is a challenging and highly addictive game which will be a hit with both fans of Dexter and fans of great games."

Andy Nuttall, Games Development Manager at Sky Gamestar adds: "Dexter vs. Mandark is a step forward in action adventure gaming on interactive television. It's simple on the surface, but peel away the layers and a deep and challenging game is revealed. Dexter's ability to build gadgets like the hover-pack and radiation shield allows further areas of the game to be explored, and is a great piece of game design - one that Sky Gamestar players of all ages should enjoy."

Dexter's Laboratory - Dexter vs. Mandark is live exclusively on Sky Gamestar as of Thursday the 24th of March 2005. Simply press the INTERACTIVE button on your Sky Remote Control to play.


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