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DemonWare signs new customer, launches new version

Dublin-based network technology specialists DemonWare have announced their latest customer for the BitDemon netcode solution and unveiled the latest version of the technology, which adds support for peer to peer gameplay.

US studio 5000FT has become the latest company to sign a licensing deal with DemonWare, who will be providing the BitDemon system to an upcoming multi-platform title from the studio.

"BitDemon was the ideal solution to allow us focus on getting the gameplay in our title right," according to 5000FT CEO Tim Page. "DemonWare's netcode products are able to provide us with the multiplayer technology and expertise which let us focus on our primary goal with this game, bringing a great online experience to consoles."

Meanwhile, the new version of the technology - BitDemon 1.5 - has added peer to peer support to its existing client-server model, and claims to solve all of the state synchronisation problems for titles on any platform.

The new version of BitDemon, which boasts encryption, packet amalgamation, delta compression, client side prediction and host migration among its features, is available for Xbox, PS2, PC and Linux, with support for PSP arriving shortly.

"I'm very happy with this iteration of BitDemon", said DemonWare CTO Sean Blanchfield. "I think developers will find it straight-forward to use and well thought out. Now that we support peer-to-peer networking, as well as client-server, we have the most relevant solution no matter what kind of game you are developing."

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