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DemonWare Announces Lobby Advertising: Multiplayer Ad Solution For All Game Genres

Dublin, June 21st 2006. DemonWare, the leading network technology company for the computer games industry, today announced the release of its Lobby Advertising solution for game publishers and studios. DemonWare's Lobby Advertising delivers personalized ad content into the game Lobby, enabling publishers to generate advertising revenue from every game, irrespective of genre.

"DemonWare's Lobby Advertising solves the problem of suitability for in-game advertising", said Chris Kingsley, CEO of leading games studio, Rebellion. "By combining their Lobby Service with an advertising solution, they've created an incredibly useful product that we can use in any multiplayer title", he added.

"The Lobby Advertising product is fantastic for publishers and studios as it allows trackable advertising to be placed in the game Lobby in every multiplayer title, no matter what the genre", said Dylan Collins, DemonWare CEO. He added, "By matching the industry's favorite Lobby service with a complete advertising package, we can provide even greater value for our customers with this one-stop solution".

DemonWare's Lobby Advertising is the quickest and simplest route to generating advertising revenue for publishers and studios.

DemonWare will be announcing their global media partner in the coming weeks. Interested parties should visit for more information.

*About DemonWare*

DemonWare is the leading network software company in the games industry today providing multiplayer technology to studios and publishers, including, Activision, Codemasters, Eidos, Ubisoft, THQ and Sega. As a tried and tested network middleware product, it allows developers to reduce development time and risk while focusing on their game play. DemonWare Matchmaking+ suite provides a risk-free and quick route to multiplayer lobby services. DemonWare State Engine is a cross-platform network engine with a wide range of features. DemonWare has offices in Vancouver, BC and Dublin, Ireland. Interested developers should go to .

For more information please contact Paul Hayes, Communications Director (+353-1-8733682,

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