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DemonWare Announces DNA, the First Context-Aware In-Game Advertising Platform

Dublin, November 1st 2005

DemonWare today announced their Dynamic Network Advertising (DNA) platform, in response to demand from the industry for tailored and precise advertising capability. As the leading provider of multiplayer technology and services for the gaming industry, DemonWare has unparalleled access to gamer details such as their player profile, session durations, gaming stats and team memberships. The DNA platform will mine this data and deliver real-time intelligence to advertising providers and publishers.

"DNA has been designed to enhance third party advertising networks like Massive and IGA Partners", said Dylan Collins, CEO DemonWare, "The key to taking advertising to the next level is game-specific data and our Matchmaking+ lobby service already provides a sophisticated set of information for publishers about their players". Collins continued: "DNA allows publishers to take advantage of that contextual data through their in-house or third party advertising partners. For the first time in this industry, advertising can be delivered based on the gaming behavior and profile of the players".

DemonWare's mission is to continue expanding and improving the range of multiplayer technology and services available for publishers, studios and gamers. DNA is another innovation which will deliver extra functionality and additional revenue to publishers as well as bringing them even closer to their customers.

Computer games are now outpacing television as the preferred media activity for 18 - 34 year olds, leading to an emerging market for game-based advertising. The potential market for such advertising has been valued at up to $260 million by 2008 (Source: Yankee Group).

About DemonWare

DemonWare is the leading network software company in the games industry today providing multiplayer technology to studios and publishers, including, Activision, Atari, THQ and Sega. As a tried and tested network middleware product, DemonWare provides a complete range of network tools for studios and publishers working on multiplayer titles. Interested developers should go to

DemonWare Matchmaking+ suite provides a risk-free and quick route to multiplayer lobby services. DemonWare State Engine is a cross-platform network engine with a wide range of features. DemonWare technology is supported across all current and next-generation game platforms.

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