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Publisher: Majesco

Developer: Terminal Reality Inc.

Tiger Hill Games

Platforms: Xbox® next video game system, PC

Genre: 3rd Person Action/Horror

Release Date: 2006

Price / Rating: TBD / RP

Contact: Laura Heeb, HighWater Group

(212) 338-0077 x. 307


Game Play Features:

  • Master Horror writer, Clive Barker, to pen Demonik's story;
  • Wield over 25 deadly powers to maim, kill and wreak havoc, such as:

o Hellfire: Burn everything in sight and rain down fire from above;

o The Devil's Hand: Grab and manipulate objects or humans before throwing them where the player sees fit;

o Plague: Spread disease and leprosy amongst targets. Body parts that fall off may contaminate others or even explode;

o Swarm: Command swarms of locusts, scarabs and other varied creepy-crawlies and set them against targets; often only bones will remain;

  • Cheat death by possessing and taking control of any human character encountered;
  • 10 massive levels from around the globe featuring objects to throw, impale upon and wreak havoc with;
  • Challenge other gamers' mastery of their Demonik powers via Xbox Live death matches;
  • Demonik models created by world-famous Marvel artist David Finch (X-men, Avengers);
  • Supports HDTV and Dolby 5.1 Surround sound;

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