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Democracy Votes for European Retail!

For Immediate Release

November 4th 2005 - Positech Games (www.positech.co.uk) is proud to announce that their hit political strategy game, Democracy, is coming to retail in Europe. Every man, woman, and child is at the mercy of your political decisions and your re-election is at theirs. Every action you undertake as president will garner the support of some and the disdain of others, so tread lightly as you politic your way towards a successful next election. The European release will be available in Germany, Poland, Austria, and Spain, completely translated for those countries.

This news is coming just after Poistech announced a major update for Democracy. Along with a few bug fixes, there have been a copious amounts of "dilemmas" added to the game. Dilemmas are events which happen fairly regularly and put the president in an awkward position. Do you ban gay marriage? Do you break up a group of protesters hampering business? Who will you recommend for the new Supreme Court position? Additionally, a completely new feature has been added: Campaign promises. Before each election you must now make a promise to your people and, should you win, uphold that promise. Failure to uphold your promise will not result in your loss of election, but will severely hamper your popularity and trust. Finally, a new feature limits the amount of national change the president can commit to each term. As popularity rises the ability to radically alter the country will increase.

Will the presidential actions lead to a new age of success in one of the many countries available? Will they result in poverty? War? Famine? Will your people rise up and dispose of you through a peaceful election or will you upset one person enough that they will take more extreme measure to have you disposed of? There's only one way to find out! Democracy comes with an absolutely free trial available at the Positech website at www.positech.co.uk

For Evaluation Copy Contact Cliff Harris at cliffharris@positech.co.uk

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For More Information Contact Cliff Harris at cliffharris@positech.co.uk

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