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Delve Deeper

New trailer released for Lunar Giant's turn-based strategy game.

5/20/2010: A new trailer is available for Delve Deeper, the new turn-based strategy game from Lunar Giant Studios. The 1 minute 11 second trailer shows HD gameplay footage as well as featuring some of the new music that will be included in the full version of the game. The video is hosted on the Lunar Giant Studios YouTube channel at


Delve Deeper is a turn-based strategy game for Windows and XBox 360 that combines HD pixel art and traditional table-top board game elements to create a uniquely humorous resource-gathering game. Players take turns placing tiles to define the tunnel system of a mine, then move their teams of dwarves through the mountain, collecting treasures and relics. The development team are currently finishing up the last few features while in discussions with distributors. The game is scheduled to go gold on May 24, and will be available through Xbox Live Indie Games and online distributors in

June. A 1-level playable demo was released on 5/17/2010, and is available from



About Lunar Giant Studios

Lunar Giant is an independent game and entertainment media developer located in Batavia, Illinois. We are committed to building ambitious, solidly designed and professionally drawn games with a retro-gaming flair.

Players as well as developers, we are members of the wider community. We are passionate about our roots as board gamers, video gamers, card gamers and tabletop gamers. Industry outreach and fanbase feedback are important to us, and it is our goal to be available and actively engage with the community on issues of importance to us all.


Media Contact: press@lunargiantstudios.com

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