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DeltaDNA promotes former Hubble astrophysicist to Chief Strategy Officer

Dr Isaac Roseboom takes on newly created role at analytics firm

14th, August 2017, San Francisco and Edinburgh: Deep data analytics and real time player marketing platform deltaDNA, today announced the appointment of Dr Isaac Roseboom as Chief Strategy Officer.

The newly created role will see Roseboom take responsibility for researching and defining the platform vision, balancing technical and market considerations to maximize the company's commercial reach. Roseboom previously held the position of Head of Insight at deltaDNA, where he worked as a consultant on hundreds of games, offering wide ranging expertise on data-driven game design and the use of predictive modelling. In addition, Roseboom also heads research at deltaDNA, bringing the best in analytics and real-time marketing to game developers and publishers through its self-service platform. Isaac will now work alongside company co-founders Mark Robinson (CEO), Chris Wright (CTO) and Chairman Tim Christian, as part of a newly created Platform Vision Board, responsible for the future development of the company's award-winning technology platform and services. Prior to joining deltaDNA, Dr Roseboom was an astrophysicist, building data processing pipelines for large space telescopes, leading major projects on Hubble and Herschel & Spitzer. Mark Robinson, CEO said: "DeltaDNA has built a unique solution combining high-performance analytics with marketing engagement and ad tech that has become essential for many developers in creating successful games. However, we have many more ideas to harness data to understand players and create personalized experiences by embedding more intelligence into our platform." "Therefore, I'm extremely pleased to be working alongside Isaac in helping to define the future direction of the platform, as he is an individual with unrivalled calibre and expertise in our sector and is an incredible to asset to our business." Dr Isaac Roseboom, Chief Strategy Officer, added: "During my time with deltaDNA, the company's ability to consistently balance rapid innovation, reliable service and customer success has been truly remarkable, so having the opportunity to help shape its growth from this point is both an incredible honour and challenge."

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