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Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre



Full Title: Delta Force® Black Hawk Down® Team Sabre

Developer: Novalogic

Genre: FPS

Players: 2 Coop / 32 Online / 4 Split-screen

Price: TBC

Age Rating: PEGI 16+, USK 16+ TBC, MA TBC


Demo: No

Release Date: 9th of November 2006

In-game localization: UK FR GE SP IT


®2006. All Rights Reserved. Published and distributed by Ubisoft Entertainment under license from NovaLogic.

Delta Force® - Black Hawk Down®: Team Sabre is a trademark of NovaLogic and is used under license. Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries.


The struggles in Mogadishu - as chronicled in Black Hawk Down - were a testament to the courage and skill of the men of Delta Force and the US Army Rangers. Even after the Black Hawk helicopter was shot down by an enemy RPG, the diligence of the men on the scene provided the cover and aid to save the wounded survivors and transport them to safety. In the end, the heroism of the brave soldiers overcame overwhelming odds.

Time moves on, however, and the need for brave soldiers to defend the United States and its allies has returned. This time, Delta Force will be joined by both the US Army Rangers and the British SAS soldiers to take on new threats. The stakes are high, but the men of Delta Force are ready to face them.



A recent Coast Guard raid discovered a large shipment of drugs and guns headed for the United States. The contraband was traced back to Antonio Paulo, a notorious Columbian drug lord. U.S. Southern Command has been tracking him ever since. Intelligence indicates that Paulo employs enough well-armed, anti-government guerillas to act as his own private army, seizing power over entire regions in remote parts of the country. He uses fear and torture to control the locals and stay one step ahead of government forces.

Delta and Ranger soldiers will have to break up Paulo's criminal operations to flush the drug lord out. This will be no easy task, especially with a well-armed, well-funded army standing between Antonio Paulo and justice.


Thanks to diligent diplomatic efforts, the traditionally fundamentalist Iranian government has given way to a less hard-line administration. With change, however, comes conflict. A significant portion of the old guard, appalled with the new administration's relationship with the western world, has taken up arms in a second revolution against the state. A large group of rebels have managed to hold NATO troops at bay, seizing control of the critical Iranian Oil terminal on Kharq Island and the production facilities to the north of Bandar-e-Shahpur. Oil represents fully three-quarters of Iran's economy and any threat to its safety is a serious risk to the stability of the new government.

NATO and the UN have both agreed that military intervention, led by the United States, is warranted. Delta Force has been assigned to lead the coalition forces. At their side for this mission to restore peace to Iran are the brave men of the British SAS. Together, they will face down military dissidents to take back an island and ensure a free Iran.


Infiltrate and Dominate the enemy held jungles of Columbia and the deserts of Iran by yourself in single player or with your friend in the cooperative campaign. Lay waste to your enemy with an arsenal of 28 devastating hi-tech weapons and numerous vehicles. Lead the charge with an improved team command system as an Army Ranger, a British SAS officer, or a Delta Troop Commander. Take on the world in 24 intense new multiplayer maps with up to 32 PLAYERS ONLINE or up to 4 players in split-screen. Prove your mettle with stat servers that show off your rank, accomplishments, and commendations. POSITIONING


Delta Force & FPS fans Multiplayer & Online gamers CONSUMER BENEFITS Leading a team to victory by handling all the latest military hi-tech weapons. Driving numerous powerful vehicles in addition to the FPS experience. Playing the campaign mode alone or in cooperative campaign. Having the opportunity to fight against up to 32 players online or offline in 4 player split-screen. POSITIONING STATEMENT

Delta Force® Black Hawk Down® Team Sabre brings you a complete offline and online FPS experience


The new Delta Force® instalment with 2 complete new campaigns, more weapons, vehicles and characters


All you want to see in an FPS and more! 2 full campaigns in Colombia and Iran New weapons, characters and vehicles All single player features are integrated into a Co-op mode Brand new game modes playable Online and Offline via 4 player split-screen
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