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Deep Silver signs licensing deal with Havok

Two-year contract will see the game engines used in Deep Silver's largest global multi-platform launch

Deep Silver has announced it has signed a two-year licensing agreement with Havok, for the use of the Havok Physics, Havok Animation and Havok Behavior engines.

Deep Silver plans to use Havok's solutions in its upcoming biker-themed title Ride to Hell, which will be the publisher's largest global multi-platform game launch to date.

"Based on our long history of close collaboration with Havok, Deep Silver has managed to pull off something really fantastic by incorporating Havok into Ride to Hell," Hannes Seifert, executive producer and managing director at Deep Silver's development studio.

"Havok's Physics, Animation and Behavior software provides us with tremendous lifelike movement of our bikers. Players can choose bikes that can be built from the ground up and are totally customizable. Without Havok Behavior this simply wouldn't be possible to such a high quality," Seifert added.

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