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New fan club and, ahem, spanking website.

Today DeathSpank announced, care of Hothead, the grand opening of his auspicious new fan club and "spanking" new website.

Hothead Games have forwarded the contents of a personal note written by DeathSpank himself, in which he expresses his wish for everyone to join in and sign up.

In the note, DeathSpank also reveals his reply address and plans for lots of DeathSpank updates through DeathSpam and the social media channels, twitter and facebook. And we mean lots.

The new website, is now live and will introduce you to the DeathSpank game and all other DeathSpank related announcements.

DeathSpank will be available for download beginning July 13, 2010 on the PlayStation Network for $14.99, and July 14, 2010 on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points. DeathSpank is rated “T” for teen by the ESRB. For more information on DeathSpank, please visit,

(Contents of the personal note written by DeathSpank)

Greetings Citizen!

You clearly are a loyal supporter of justice and justice-related entertainment (I can see that from here), so prepare to be rewarded!

I, DeathSpank, am bringing the fight against evil to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this month, and to celebrate I am opening the doors to my minty-fresh website:

Go now to to join the struggle against evil and boredom! Go early, go often! Go too often! Neglect your family and friends, madly hitting F5 hoping for additional website updates! Use mobile devices to stalk the website like a proud Justice hunter on an evil savannah.

Thrill at the mighty wallpapers, avatars and screenshots and sign up for DeathSpam email for even more updates! Be amazed by my incredible Facebook page!

Be astounded by DeathSpank (@deathspank) tweets, promotions and up to the picosecond updates. The DeathSpank cast is tweeting too! Eubrick the Retired (@eubrick_retired) is tweeting pure crank while Lord Von Prong (@LordVonProng) tweets pure evil!

I mean just look at all those exclamation points and updates in that last paragraph! How can it not be exciting? It can’t not be definitely not be not exciting, that’s how.

Visit the website! Tell your friends! Tell your relatives! Tell complete strangers on the street that at last Justice is at hand! The Justice of DeathSpank! THIS is the moment when the internet finally becomes popular, and you’re going to be a part of it.

You can also call my ‘Hero Hotline’ at 1.866.631.1574 (toll free in North America) to have justice shoved right in your ear!)

Yours in Justice,


Please send replies to @deathspank or

For more information about this press release please contact:

+44 (0)207 138 1062

For more information from Hothead games please contact:

Gregan Dunn Director of Business Development +1(604) 763-2050

Hothead Games:

Hothead Games, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, is an independent developer and publisher of groundbreaking downloadable titles. Hothead is currently bringing to life original games such as the highly anticipated DeathSpank and the award-winning Swarm. Hothead is also partnering with indie studios around the globe to bring games like Braid to new platforms and new audiences. Visit us at

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