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Death has finally come, at last…

Final Sony Approval For Earache Extreme Metal Racing

Rated as a 12+ Pegi

Stourbridge, England 6th October 2006 , Data Design Interactive would like to announce that Earache Extreme Metal Racing went gold yesterday with final Sony approval, releasing 3rd November. Age Rating 12+ Pegi.

EARACHE EXTREME METAL RACING uniquely was conceived and created by 15 year old Gothic metaller Sky Nash and all started as a possible way to not only keep her amused but potentially to dissuade her from following her overworked father into a gaming career.

EARACHE EXTREME METAL RACING is a joint partnership between Earache Records with Metro 3D, a leading Value Price video games publisher, in conjunction with the games developer Data Design Interactive.

EARACHE EXTREME METAL RACING will feature ten evil Earache racing teams burning a lot more than rubber through hell and other wastelands. Along with themed tracks from the combatants on the starting grid there'll also be a plethora of extreme Earache classics making up the soundtrack of the game from such luminaries as Napalm Death, At The Gates, Cathedral, The Haunted, Hate Eternal, Cult Of Luna, Beecher, Urkraft, Anata, Mistress, Severe Torture and many others.


Mortiis, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Akercocke, Decapitated, Biomechanical, Municipal Waste, The Berzerker, Linea 77, Society 1

About Earache Records:

Earache Records is renown for kick-starting the worldwide Extreme Metal scene, which originated during the late 80's from the Nottingham, UK apartment of label founder Digby Pearson. Digby discovered and released the first band that popularized and was synonymous with the Extreme Metal scene-Napalm Death. This was followed by the release of such extreme music luminaries and genre defining acts as Carcass, Morbid Angel, Godflesh, Entombed and Cathedral. In more recent years the new wave of Extreme Metal artists on the label have included Mortiis, Decapitated, The Berzerker and Deicide. For almost 20 years Earache has maintained its reputation for releasing groundbreaking original acts and is rightly proud of its status as one of the few truly independent record labels still in the Industry.

About Green Solutions Ltd:

Green Solutions Ltd manages the production of interactive products for the entertainment industry. From game design to final production on PC, Console or Online. We employ the best skills for a job either outsourced or internally through our fully owned studios, Data Design Interactive develops, Artworld Studios for computer animation and Metro3D publishes. We design playable games at affordable prices, to appeal to everyone. GSL owns the popular MYTH MAKERS and KIDZ SPORTS brands and the publishing rights to the GODS development system. is the market leader for in game advertising and custom games.

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