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Deadstorm Pirates

Yaarrrrrf-price for two weeks only.

If you haven’t already joined the fearless crew of the good ship Deadstorm Pirates™ , then your time has surely come. Break out the eye patch, take a swig on your bottle of grog (the non-alcoholic variety of course) and weigh anchor for PlayStation®Network, where for two weeks only from the 16 th of March a half price download of Deadstorm Pirates™ awaits every intrepid seafarer. For a mere £7.99, wild, PlayStation®3 bullet-spraying pirate chaos can be yours, fully compatible with the PlayStation®Move motion controller and G-con™3 gun controller.

Deadstorm Pirates invites you to be a different kind of pirate. If you’ve ever though a cutlass was a bit too old school and ineffective for a modern self-respecting pirate, you’d be right, and Deadstorm Pirates is here to set things straight by putting a machine gun and unlimited ammo in your hot palms. Cut swathes through layer upon cockle-encrusted layer of deep sea behemoths and other unpleasant foes in rip-roaring high seas arcade adventures. You can set sail solo, but it’s much more bloodthirsty fun with a fellow gunner at your side in two player co-op.

Man the helm, navigate terrifying rapids, blast foes, despatch cannon balls at mast-snapping speeds, and much more as you sail the open seas in search of Poseidon's Treasure.  Climb up the global online rankings solo or with your faithful pirate partner and rise to the top of the salty pirate pile.

Everybody needs a bit of pirate machine gun action in their lives, So what are you waiting for?  Don’t be a land lubber - set sail for PlayStation®Network and grab your half price download of Deadstorm Pirates today before it’s too late.

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