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Dead Six

Aerial combat game promises a taste of Area 88-style mercenary life.

The cartoon ‘Area 88’ is seen one of the best cartoon for people who love combat planes, gets extremely excited with aerial combat, and long for sky. ‘DEADSIX’ is a flight shooting game which is deemed to reproduce solitary sentiment of mercenaries appearing in the cartoon ‘Area 88.’

In order to do away with stereotypes that maneuvers of flight genre game is difficult, ‘DEADSIX’ has very simple control scheme. But, this game is also capable of conducting detailed maneuvers for the advanced users.

With the ‘DEADSIX,’ a user can hire mercenaries, purchase a combat plane to perform missions or enjoy PVP(Player vs. Player). The user can directly control a combat, but the user is more like a commander controlling troops rather than a pilot.

As for aerial combats appearing in this game, they are created based on actually-existed combats from the past to present, and a user can make own combat with various items and parts. There are all kinds of weapons from real to virtual, and the ‘healing missile,’ which is launched to our troops and has recovery effect, is breathtaking and extraordinary.

’DEADSIX’ equipped with both real and virtual factors and showing unique view toward the world has completed tests in Korea and is underway to provide overseas service through the global game portal site ‘Game&Game(’  

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