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Dead Rising 2

Top ten movie death scenes established.

London - 21st September 2010 - John Hurt's stomach-busting scene in the film Alien was yesterday named the best movie death of all time. The chilling scene in which an alien creature bursts out of Hurt's gut is the most memorable death in big screen history, according to new research.

It heads a list of weird, wacky and oddball deaths drawn up for the launch of new video game Dead Rising 2.The survival action game sequel to multi-million selling Dead Rising features zombies who take over a Las Vegas-style complex.

The list of bizarre and imaginative film deaths includes those seen in the James Bond movies, Jurassic Park and Jaws. After Hurt's grisly death in the 1979 blockbuster Alien, runner up is the shower scene in from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho nearly 20 years before, in which Janet Leigh is repeatedly knifed by Anthony Perkin's character Norman Bates.

Number three is from Live and Let Die (1973) in which Roger Moore's James Bond jams a compressed air capsule into villain Kananga's mouth, forcing him to fatally inflate.

The next most memorable movie death is in the 1994 film Speed in which Dennis Hopper gets decapitated in a fight on top of a subway train.

At five is the cringe-making scene in Jurassic Park (1993) in which a rampaging T-Rex kills a lawyer who is on the toilet.

Six is from The Godfather (1972) where gangster James Caan is shot 147 times in an ambush.

And at seven is the death scene in Gremlins (1984) in which a woman is killed by her jet-propelled stair lift.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, made in 1981, is often remembered for an almost comical death scene in which Harrison Ford's fearless Indiana Jones simply pulls out his pistol and shoots a sword-wielding hit man.

At number nine is the terrifying shark attack in the opening moments of Jaws (1975) in which the rogue great white kills a skinny dipping girl.

And finally at number 10 is the scene from the 1939 classic Wizard of Oz in which the Wicked Witch is crushed to death by Dorothy's house in a a tornado.

Leo Tan, from Capcom, creators of Dead Rising 2, said: "Deaths in movie history range from the downright comical to extremely bloodthirsty and nearly all movie-goers have a death scene they remember."

"Any list of movie deaths is bound to be subjective, but we believe we have identified some of the more unusual ones from silver screen history."

Dead Rising 2 is launched on 24th September for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and also for PC one week later on 1st October.

Table: Top 10 movie deaths -

1 Alien (1979) - alien bursts out of John Hurt's stomach

2 Psycho (1960) - the shower scene of course

3 Live and Let Die (1973) - Bond puts capsule in villain's mouth, he inflates and bursts

4 Speed (1994) - Dennis Hopper decapitated in fight on top of tube train

5 Jurassic Park (1993) - lawyer gets eaten by T-Rex, while on toilet

6 The Godfather (1972) - James Caan's gangster shot 147 times in ambush

7 Gremlins (1984) - woman launched to death on jet propelled stairlift

8 Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - Indiana Jones shoots sword wielding hitman

9 Jaws (1975)- woman eaten by shark while midnight skinny dipping

10 Wizard of Oz (1939) - wicked witch crushed by Dorothy's house in tornado

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