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What could be more romantic on Valentine's Day than tanks?

For Immediate Release: 

Palo Alto, CA – February 1, 2011

How to Forge a Romance Ring

Jan 27- Feb 11

DDTankers find out that there are some mysterious essentials in Evil Tribe which can be formed into the legendary romance ring.

Defeat Boss Sohnlein in Evil Tribe Normal Mode and you will receive special prizes.

Rewards: Romance Ring x1(7 days, unbound), 4000 Exp, 1000 Gold

Valentine's Wedding

Feb 13 - Feb 16

Getting married on Valentine's Day? You must be a true romantic, especially if you consider getting married in DDTank on this day.

Any marriage in this period will be gloriously blessed.

Rewards: Both of the husband and wife will receive Romance Ring(7 days, bound) x1, Tall Groom(male) x1/Pink Bride(female) x1


1. You can get another Romance Ring if you have another marriage. But you can only receive one outfit no matter how many marriages you have.

2. Prizes will be sent to your mail with 3-5 business days?

Sweet Valentine--Honey Pack

Feb 12 - Feb 16

You just need to team up with your other half and win 7 sports fights.

You will receive Exp, Gold, and "Honey Pack". You can complete this task once per day.

Rewards: 2599 Exp,1314 Gold, Medal X2,Honey Pack*1


Feb 2 - Feb 12

Fireworks are a symbol of happiness and celebration. Collect More.

Collect 10 “Fireworks” and you will receive a "Blessing Pack". You can only complete this task once per day.

Rewards:  100 vouchers, 2000 Exp, Medal x2 and a Blessing Pack. Apply Blessing Pack and you will be able to get one of the following items: Double Exp(1 day) x1, Double Glory(1 day) x1, Syn Stone Lv3 x1, Energy Stone Lv3 x1, Romance Ring(7 days, bound) x1, Romance Ring+1(7 days, bound) x1, Romance Ring+2(7 days, bound) x1

Find the Seeds of Happiness

Feb 3 - Feb 20

The Shovels and happiness Seeds are being hidden in Gulu Kingdom. We need to you find them there so that we are able to reap happiness one day.

Rewards: Kill Gulu and you will receive Seed and kill Puppet Bomb and you will receive Shovel. Collect 5 Seeds and 1 Shovel then the task is completed and you will receive Gold, Exp, Medal and a Happiness Pack.

Collect 5 Seeds and 1 Shovel then the task is completed and you will receive 1000 Gold, 2000 Exp, Medal x2 and a Happiness Pack.

Apply the Happiness Pack and you will receive one of the following prizes: Color Card x1, Double Glory(1 day) x1, Syn Stone Lv4 x1, Energy Stone Lv3 x1, Romance Ring(7 days, bound) x1, Romance Ring+1(7 days, bound) x2, Romance Ring+2(7 days, bound) x3

The League Knight

Feb 9 - Feb 21

Your League thrives because of you. You deserve it.

Contribute 200 wealth a day and you will receive prizes.

Rewards: 3000 Exp, 3000 Gold, Lv 2 Glory Packet x1

Delicious Chinese Pork Dumplings

Feb 10- Feb 16

Try it out, the Chinese Pork Dumplings. It's is said it's breathtakingly yummy.

You will receive a Chinese Pork Dumpling every time you log in but you have to be level 10 or above first. Take the dumpling apart and you will be surprised.

Rewards: Apply the Chinese Pork Dumpling and you will receive one of the following prizes: 100 vouchers, 200 vouchers, 500 vouchers, 1000 Gold, 2000 Gold, 5000 Gold, 10000 Gold, Exp Pill Lv2 x1, Exp Pill Lv3 x1

DDTank Shopping Festival

Feb 13 - Feb 16

The long expected shopping festival is here again. Don't miss it. Buy as much as you can. Coz you buy more, you save more.

Rewards: You will receive Exp Pill Lv4 x1 if your item purchase of accumulation reaches 5000 coins. If your repeated purchases are a multiple of 5,000 Coins, you will receive as many multiple reward packages. Each package includes one Exp Pill Lv4.


1. You must buy items in shop not at somewhere else.

2. Your item purchase of accumulation must reach 5000 coins.

3. Please allow 3-5 business days to issue prizes.

Head to YooGames.com to fall in love with DD Tank today!

DD Tank, like all of DragonsMeet’s games, will not require players to download -- all play data is saved online. It is also free to play, but special items can be purchased via the game's online item mall.

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