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Some event dates for your DD diary.

Let's Talk about Love  (Duration: January 4 - January 20)

Couples teams up to win 8 sports fight are able to get some bonuses.

How to Make Congee  (Duration: January 7 - January 16)

Win 1 League Fight and you will receive a Congee Recipe. Collect 10 Congee Recipes a day and you will receive Congee Pack. You can complete this task once a day.

Season of Epiphany in Additional  (Duration: January 7 - January 16)

Defeat Pink Gulu and Elite Gulu and you will receive "Red Bean". Collect 5 Baking Powers and you will receive the "Bean cake Pack". You can complete this task only once a day.

The League Knight  (Duration: January 8 - January 20)

Contribute 200 wealth a day and you will receive prizes.

Love Goes on in Battlefield  (Duration: January 19 - February 4)

Couples teams up to win 7 sports fight are able to get some bonuses.

Love is just around the Corner   (Duration: January 20 - January 28)

You will receive special prizes by defeating Boss Mardicus in Mode Difficult or above.

Jewelry Show  (Duration: January 21 - January 24)

For anyone who smelts a +3,+4,+5 ring or bracelet, you will receive one romance ring in return. More prizes for more smelting.

How to Forge a Romance Ring   (Duration: January 27 - February 11)

Defeat Boss Sohnlein in Evil Tribe Normal Mode and you will receive special prizes.

DDTank Shopping Festival  (Duration: January 28 - January 30)

You will receive Attribute Pearl x2 if your item purchase of accumulation reaches 3000 coins when this event ends. 

Also, there’s a fourth server about to launch here at! The first two servers EXPLODED with players, so decided to launch a third server last month. Already, the 3 rd server is PACKED! So now, YooGames will be launching a fourth server on Monday, January 10, at12:00 PM. This server will share all the same awesome features as the other 3 servers, so be ready to join up on Monday to get a head start!

DD Tank, like all of DragonsMeet’s games, will not require players to download -- all play data is saved online. It is also free to play, but special items can be purchased via the game's online item mall.

DragonsMeet Inc.

U.S.Office: 929 Mouton Circle, Palo Alto, California

Contact: Kelly Wheelis

   Tel: 1.650.740.4960  

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