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League facility level-up contest launched.

For Immediate Release:

Palo Alto, CA November 17, 2010

Glorious Homeland (Duration: 11/20 12:00 AM – 11/28 11:59 PM)

Our GM will join your league and donate 10000 league wealth to those who have leveled up their league facility one time. The more times you level up your league facility, the more donations our GM will make. (GM will join your league and donate). We also have special prizes for top 3 leagues.

Participation Terms :

1. League facility’s total level ≥4.

2. You need to respond to the forum thread with your DDTank account info in the following format: 

Channel :

League Name :

League Level :

League Armory Level :

League Shop Level :

Safe Deposit Level :

You will gain:

Our GM will join your league and donate 10000 league wealth to those who have leveled up their league facility one time.

For Top Three, you will get 10000 league wealth and the each member will receive Romance Ring x1, Energy Stone Lv4 x2, Vermilion Lv3 x2, Serpent Lv 3 x2, Dragon Lv3 x2, Tiger Lv3 x2


For the sake of fairness and keeping in mind the different starting levels of each league, this competition spins around the leagues that perform upgrades the most instead of just counting how high of a level they have reached. We'll judge by League Wealth in the case of equal league upgrades.

Gifts For Contributors (Duration: 11/20 12:00 AM – 11/28 11:00 PM)

Ever notice that ‘donate’ button in the shop? Well, we decided to add some rewards for all you generous players out there!

Every donation of 2000 or more will get you Energy Stone Lv4 x1. You’ll get more prizes for more donations.


1. For every donation of 2000 or more, you will get an Energy Stone Lv4 x1.

2. All prizes are non-tradable. They cannot be sold, donated or given away.

3. Please allow 3-5 business days to be awarded prizes.

Have an explosive time!

DDTank, like all of Dragonsmeet’s ( games, will not require players to download -- all play data is saved online. It is also free to play, but special items can be purchased via the game's online item mall.

Dragonsmeet Inc.

U.S.Office: 929 Mouton Circle, Palo Alto, California

Contact: Kelly Wheelis

   Tel: 1.650.740.4960 

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