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DC Studios completes work on Rayman DS

Scottish / Canadian game developer (how's that for a combination?) DC Studios has announced that it has finished work on developing Rayman DS for Ubisoft, which will launch alongside the Nintendo DS in Europe this month.

The title, which was created at DC's studio in Montreal, is the latest instalment in the massively successful Rayman franchise, and is a fully 3D game which uses the DS' touch screen and wireless multiplayer capabilities.

Rayman is arguably the most important of Ubisoft's franchises that DC Studios has worked on, but the company has enjoyed a successful relationship with the publisher in the past - creating titles including Bratz, Bear in the Big Blue House, Salt Lake 2002 and Taxi 2 for the French publisher in recent years.

"We are very happy to once again be working with one of the most respected publishers in the world on one of their most cherished brands," according to DC CEO Mark Greenshields.

"I am sure that this game will be a great success for all of us and will be welcomed by all purchasers of the DS as the premier platformer for the machine," he continued. The Nintendo DS - and Rayman DS - will launch in Europe on March 11th.

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