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DC Studios celebrates five profitable years

Independent developer DC Studios, which operates studios in Scotland and Canada, is celebrating its fifth anniversary today - as well as announcing its fifth year of operating profitability.

The company, which is currently working on projects for publishers including Ubisoft, Konami, Majesco and Arush, is planning to attend the Game Connection event in Lyons next week to show off its new soccer title, which is being developed by industry veteran Dino Dini.

"We recognise that the major publishers want to work with strong, reliable and secure developers, with the resources available to successfully complete the project and the stability to survive in a very volatile market,â commented DC Studios CEO Mark Greenshields.

"We have always been an extremely prudent company, focused on delivering quality titles for a reasonable profit," he continued. "Operating profitably for five years provides DC with a strong benchmark in a very risk-averse industry, and shows publishers and partners all around the world that DC Studios is a responsible and high-quality developer that can help them bring their games to market successfully and securely."

The company has developed over 40 titles since its inception in late 1999, and is currently working on hardware platforms including all the major consoles, PC, Nintendo DS and GBA, PSP, online and mobile phone handsets, and has also worked on custom hardware projects such as direct-to-TV game systems.

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