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DBROS line-up

Korean developer aiming for Facebook greatness with three games: Homerun King, Hole-In-One Golf and Pot.

Facebook, the world’s largest social network platform, recently announced that its number of membership has exceeded 500 million. Amidst that vast ocean are a countless number of content developers trying to set sail and wage territorial wars. As one of the competitors, DBROS, too, is aiming to make it to the top ranks of Facebook, which was never before attempted by Korean developers, with a state-of-the-art warship mounting three social games: ‘Homerun King’, ‘Hole-In-One Golf’, and ‘Pot’.

Light Sports Game

DBROS is currently quietly servicing two sports-genre games of ‘Homerun King’ and ‘Hole-In-One Golf’ on Facebook. Both games are good for passing short time by excluding the complex rules of baseball and golf and emphasizing specific actions. Both have goals of competing for higher records, which are instantly updated onto Facebook for view of one’s own rank out of the entire users.

Homerun King was produced based on the homerun derby of the popular baseball. Users are given a total of 10 opportunities. Swinging the bat according to the ball’s timing results in various situations in actual baseball including misses, fouls, base hits and home runs.

The result is indicated by converting the ball’s flight distance into a score. Also, there are characters specialized in several skills including power and accuracy, and users can improve skill points for a certain period of time by using items.

Hole-In-One Golf is literally true to its name in aiming for hole-in-one. Since actual hole-in-one is not easy, users can compete with other users by converting the proximity to the golf ball to the hole into the score.

Users can also enjoy the game’s various modes, including the practice mode of hitting unlimited number of shots, record mode of aiming to renew one’s record, and challenge mode of challenging one’s friends on the greens.

In-Depth Growing Game

The third game being prepared by DBROS is a growing-type social game of growing plants and decorating one’s flower garden with friends, which is scheduled for servicing in the beginning of next year. ‘Pot’, a plant growing game, has the feature of enhancing the feeling that each plant is alive with respective expressions.

There is a diversity of over 20 types of expressions according to emotion or characteristic, and users can view the plants’ expressions to intuitively grasp the plant conditions and take necessary measures. The characteristic is determined by how the user looked after the plant during its growing process, and plants are influenced by actions taken by friends when they come over.

Plants grow over a total of five steps, and the time required for growth depends on the type of plant or surrounding environment. Plants grown to the final 5th stage can produce fruits, coins or collections, while a limited number of seeds can be handed out to friends. The seeds of rare plants can probabilistically produce rare plants, expected to be greatly popular.

Another collection factor is the butterflies. The flower garden of users produce pupa according to certain probability, and only friends can take the corresponding pupa. Placing the pupa obtained from a friend’s flower garden onto one’s own flower garden will hatch various types of butterflies to decorate one’s garden. Butterflies are also registered as a collection to provide the joy of collecting rare butterflies including golden tiger swallowtail butterflies.

In particular, Pot has enabled users to obtain a portion of various items collected only through the flower gardens of friends in order to induce active exchanges between users, which is the basis of all social games.


Platform Business Team Manager : Sung Hyun, Lee

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