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Davilex Games BV and Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA) Sign Exclusive

Agreement to Develop In-Game Advertising for Davilex Games


7th September 2004 - Global games publisher Davilex Games and Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA), Europe's premier in-game ad-agency, are pleased to announce the establishment of an exclusive relationship between the two companies that will see both parties explore and capitalize on future in-game advertising projects for Davilex games. The deal, which is effective immediately, appoints DUIA as the exclusive agency representing Davilex Games on in-game advertising and game promotions in the international market. Work on in-game advertising between Davilex Games and DUIA had already started prior to the agreement with the implementation of radio station City FM in the PC game Amsterdam Taxi Madness.

In-game advertising is seen by both marketeers, game publishers and advertising agency's as one of the most exciting new forms of advertising and brand communication. Games allow for a broad spectrum of advertising possibilities like sponsorship, product placement, and 'above' and 'below the line' cross-promotions and help advertisers reach audiences that have been hard to reach through traditional media. The deal between Davilex and DUIA ensures a commercial focus and structured approach for both parties in this new market with the combined expertise of the two companies ensuring the best possible outcome.

Davilex Games recently announced that the company's new focus lies in publishing a range of high quality tiles, thus strengthening Davilex's position as a major European player. In 2002 Davilex already made the decision to develop titles based on popular properties & licenses. Besides "Knight Rider - The Game", Davilex also managed to secure the rights to the extremely successful 80's TV series - "Miami Vice". Davilex Games shall continue to follow this course of action, with negotiations concerning other well-know film and television properties already taking place.

"To underline our global ambition we took on Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA), who are clearly leading in the in-game advertising field, to provide us with partners and advertisers who want to associate and be part of the world renowned intellectual property that Davilex Games represents", said Hans Lange, Sales & Marketing Director for Davilex Games B.V.

About Down Under Ingame Advertising:

Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA) is a division of the Down Under [Creative Tribe] Group and is a leading company in in-game advertising and game promotional activities in local and international markets. With over 8 years experience in youth marketing, the company has grown rapidly, establishing exclusive working relationships with most mayor games publishers. DUIA focuses exclusively on the structural development of in-game advertising and product placement as an integral part of a clients' marketing strategy, providing consultancy, creative solutions and research. Down Under Ingame Advertising is located in Amsterdam and is partnered with a number of companies including international research house MediaLab (part of Mediaedge:cia). For more information

About Davilex Games:

Davilex Games is a successful Dutch publisher and developer of games for Playstation2, PSone and PC where professional dedication and a high degree of motivation are combined with commercial and creative expertise. The company has undergone rapid development since its establishment in 1986 and has expanded into an international publisher, without limitations in platform, medium, topographic markets or sales channels. Davilex Games designs, markets, sells and supports its products in house. Fun, Ease, Affordability & Recognition are the basic ingredients of the mission statement.

Davilex Games is known throughout Europe where it holds a strong position in the racing genre, having released such chart hits as London Racer (UK), A2 Racer (Benelux), Autobahn Raser (German territories), Paris-Marseille Racing (France), Europe Racer & US Racer (both Pan-European). Davilex is also known for its licensed property titles including Knight Rider - The Game and Miami Vice. Davilex Games shall continue to follow this course of action, with negotiations concerning other well-know film and television properties already taking place.

Davilex Games works with strong & longstanding local distribution partners in each territory. Davilex Games is based in Veenendaal, The Netherlands.

For contact:

Hans Lange

Sales & Marketing Director

+31 (0)30 6354 268

For more information:

For information:

Down Under Ingame Advertising

Sarphatistraat 30

1018 GL Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0)205353453

Fax: +31(0)205353459

M: +31(0)652476465

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