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Datel is king for third party peripherals

"Game enhancement" specialist Datel is officially the leading manufacturer of console peripherals in the UK, according to the latest figures from the company - with only Sony selling more peripherals during the month of May.

The stats, which come from Chart-Track official figures, show that Datel sold more peripherals than any other third party during the period (from April 27 to May 24), and two of the top five peripherals were Datel products.

The company is also, unsurprisingly, completely dominating the cheat product market - with 84 per cent of that market by value, and 88 per cent by units. Eight of the top ten cheat products are Datel products - making it clearly the brand of choice for people who are a bit rubbish at games, then.

"Our strong performance is further evidence that technology is driving the market," according to Mike Connors, managing director at Datel. "Only Datel has been able to launch cheat products for GameCube and Xbox, while our publishing and multimedia based promotional model continues to give us an unassailable lead in the PlayStation2 cheat product market."

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