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Data Designs Interactive goes for the JUGULAR with America’s most extreme team!

London, November 2004: Data Design Interactive announced today that they have obtained the rights through the UK licensing Agency, Licensing Management International Limited to produce a street luge and downhill skateboarding video game featuring the JUGULAR ( brand for the Playstation 2 platform. This licence will give them access to the entire Jugular team who have long-established themselves as industry leaders in these highly competitive and dangerous sports. Comprised of world-renown championship athletes Wade Sokol, Sean "The Duck" Mallard and Lee "Leemo" Dansie, TEAM JUGULAR has consistently demonstrated it's superiority in these death-defying sports over many years.

TEAM JUGULAR has won BRONZE, SILVER AND GOLD MEDALS at virtually every major action sports event in the world - including the X-GAMES on ESPN2, the GRAVITY GAMES on NBC, the Japanese Core Extreme Games and most IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association) competitions. TEAM JUGULAR had a clean sweep at the Core Extreme Games in Tokyo, winning Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals at a recent competition, becoming the first team in these sports to achieve such a feat. TEAM JUGULAR further solidified it's leadership position in San Francisco last fall, when Lee "Leemo" Dansie won 1st place in the IGSA Championships in downhill skateboarding.

So what is Street Luge and Downhill Skateboarding? Well, you have to lie on an aluminum board that has four skateboard wheels and can travel at speeds of more than 80MPH using only the force of gravity to propel you. At little more than 2 inches off the ground, it has you hurtling down a hill avoiding all manner of obstacles...using the weight of your body to steer. Only the soles of your shoes and a bit of wind resistance or "drafting" can slow you down. Severe fractures, concussions, road rash or worse are the norm, this sport is not for the faint hearted. Downhill skateboarding is a close cousin to street luge, riders merely have a small agile skateboard between them and the road below....having to negotiate sharp turns while traveling at more moderate speeds of say only 65-70 MPH in a closely tucked riding position. The goal of both of these sports is to get to the bottom of the hill one piece. Street luge and downhill skateboarding have enjoyed huge television ratings over the years because of the tremendous speeds that are achieved...resulting in spectacular made for tv crashes.

Understandably, only a tiny handful of people throughout the world are competitive street luge racers. As the sport is illegal in many parts of America, closed courses are required. The sport of downhill skateboarding is not the domain of the novice skateboarder, participants have usually tested their skills on open roads, half-pipes and empty swimming pools for many years before attempting it.

The JUGULAR Street Luge and Downhill Skateboarding Playstation 2 video game will provide fans of these sports worldwide with the opportunity to participate without being arrested or suffering serious injury. As the game is being created by the members of TEAM JUGULAR, a high level of realism is assured.

Stewart Green, MD of Data Design Interactive, said:

We have a very busy year planned with over twenty titles for release, but this title is awesome, this is a real extreme sport and we have the most extreme of the extreme teams Jugular, with their world record holding players helping design the game, this game will let you do the things even they dare not try in real life.

Michael Lajtay, Founder and CEO, JUGULAR, Inc./Captain of TEAM JUGULAR, said:

"The JUGULAR video game will allow fans and participants of these sports to refine their skills without leaving the comfort of their living room, providing them with a rare and sometimes frightening glimpse into the life of a championship racer",


It's going to be the real thing! Rough. Tracks featuring lots of twisting turns, involving braking, drafting and technical features such as the ability to tighten the rider's tuck in the game....and to show how downhill skateboarders draft and/or brake. The courses will be set in forests and near beautiful coastlines and will also have live roads with traffic and obstacles like rabbits, squirrels and ten tonne trucks.

There will also be man-hole covers on the courses, along with yellow lines, traffic signs and the like. The weather will also have an effect on the race, since in the real world they frequently race in the rain....they simply put rain wheels on the boards....they are the same as regular wheels only that they have grooves carved into them.

The player will be able to bump into a competitor on purpose or by accident and not be penalised. It's more realistic that way. And there's nothing wrong with a little bit of blood if a rider is injured and the odd compound fracture - again, this mirrors the real thing. But don't worry if you should get the stuffing knocked out of you as there will be medical teams to take you away in an ambulance.


The game will include the lead players in this sport including:

Wade Sokol's

Sean "The Duck" Mallard,


1997 downhill champion - top speed: 60.85mph

1997: 2-first place finishes, 1-third place finish, 1-fourth place finish


Gold Medalist (4 man luge) - Inaugural Gravity Games

1997 R.A.I.L. champion

1997: 3-first place finishes

Lee "Leemo" Dansie

1999 Gravity Games Gold Medal, 2003 International Gravity Sports Association, 1st place, downhill skateboarding, San Francisco Event

World record for speed skateboarding at 73MPH in 1988

The only athelete to compete in three different X games events and earn medals in all three.

About Data Design Interactive

Green Solutions Ltd manages the production of Interactive products for the entertainment industry. From character or game design to final production on PC, Console or Online. GSL owns the popular MYTH MAKERS, KIDZ SPORTS, and ACTION GILRZ, brands. GSL own the publishing rights to the GODS brand development system. We employ the best skills for a job either outsourced or internally through our fully owned studios, Data Design Interactive for development, Artworld Studios for Computer animation, and All-Star-Gaming for Coin op production

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