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Data Design Interactive add 3 more Playstation 2 games to the Myth Makers™ Series.

Stourbridge, England November 2004 - Data Design Interactive a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Solutions Ltd announced today that aswell as securing licences for brands such as Mini Cooper, Black Cabs and Classic Cars, Data Design Interactive is still creating games for their own brands. Myth MakersTM range (Myth MakersTM Super Karts GP and Myth MakersTM Orbs of Doom), have been very successful and Data Design Interactive is pleased to announce that they are developing three more games that will come under that brand;

Myth MakersTM Anubis

Myth MakersTM Trixie in Toyland

Myth MakersTM the Ninjabread Man

Stewart Green MD DDI, said:

Myth Makers is very special to us, as it has been created here in-house, by Mike Rooker and his talented art team. After the great success of the first two titles, Myth Makers has become more than just a few great looking characters, it has become a whole world which we are creating and bringing to life. There are forces of good and bad, places of adventure and exploration, and now faces and forces from history and fantasy worlds. With these next three exciting games an even wider audience will get a chance to experience the world of the Myth Makers.

Myth MakersTM Anubis

In Anubis the player must activate ancient mechanisms and dodge the booby traps you have to conquer the Egyptian pyramids and navigates across the Ancient Land of the Pharaohs.

The game is fast-paced with you controlling the half human, half Jackal Egyptian god and guide to the underworld - 'Anubis'. The levels ooze with Egyptian mystique and Anubis wields a magical sceptre and a bad attitude which keep him cool amid lava pits and when dealing out death to scarab beetles, mummies, poisonous locusts and stone sentries.

Myth MakersTM Trixie in Toyland

Trixie is a cute, cheeky, bouncy bunny on a mission. Trixie finds Toyland taken over Mumbras evil forces, creating misbehaving toys and naughty gadgets that want Toyland for themselves. Trixie must navigate Toyworld a fascinating world created from alphabet blocks, dice and other toys, and save the day.

Myth MakersTM The Ninjabread Man

After nearly being eaten by a foxy fox, the Gingerbread man has gotten smart and learnt self defence, now re-baked as the 'Ninja Bread Man' the player must navigate across deadly Jam lakes and through Cake Mountains, finding your way while keeping an eye out for evil cupcakes, shambling jelly monsters! Cheese cake slices and honey bees!

All the games are based on classic platform styles: puzzles, battles, exploration. To move from zone to zone you must collect the hidden power-ups and you must also collect a certain percentage of the hundreds of artefacts you come across, in order to exit each level. And as with all the titles that come under the Mythmaker brand they are engaging yet child-friendly level of design.

Publisher TBC

About DDI

Data Design Interactive is one of the UK's leading game design and development companies. They are also one of the most prolific, producing over 12 titles a year, on PS2, Xbox and PC. Data Design has been producing games for the past 20 years, and is owned by Green Solutions Ltd (GSL). GSL manages the production of Interactive products for the entertainment industry. From character and game design to final production on PC, Console or Online. GSL owns the popular MYTH MAKERS, KIDZ SPORTS, and ACTION GIRLz, brands. GSL own the publishing rights to the GODS development system. They employ the best skills for a job either outsourced or internally through their fully owned studios: Data Design Interactive for development, Artworld Studios for Computer animation, and All-Star-Gaming for Coin op production. They are leaders in Advergaming, in-game advertising. As part of their continued expansion plans they have just opened a new development studio in South Africa, with a second studio in India due to open Q4 2004.

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