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Darkworks signs 3D technology deal with Trioviz

Developer to use technology for cross platform titles, with plans to create an SDK for other studios

Darkworks has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Trioviz to use and license its 3D technology in titles for PCs and consoles.

The partnership will allow Darkworks to use the 3D technology in games on standard household TVs via the use of special glasses. The studio is set to demonstrate the technology's use at the 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles, over December 1-2, and is working on an SDK for other developers.

"This technology allows us to provide an incredible 3D gaming experience on existing CRT, Plasma and LCD TVs," said Alexis Arragon, product development manager at Darkworks.

"We're excited about the possibilities and opportunities that this will open up for us as game developers for consumers to enjoy. Full 3D gaming is the next revolution in videogames. Consumers will be amazed at the depth of experience that we can provide with this technology."

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