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Indie 2D RPG on Nokia's Ovi store.

What is Darkwood RPG?

Darkwood is a fantasy role-playing game that takes place in Border Kingdoms. Darkwood consists of fighting monsters and a storyline that is advanced though completing quests.

The world of Darkwood has been overcome by evil creatures. The player is set forth to save the Border Kingdoms, and uncover the devious plot laid by the dark lord Cu’rmu. Beautiful pixel-art scenery with 2D graphics and a friendly user interface guarantee a smooth and astonishing play experience.

The player can choose his character from three classes; the fighter, the cleric and the mage, of which the last is unlocked only after the player has reached level 30 with another character. Each class has four unique abilities that are gained and improved through levelling.

Darkwood offers a fun co-operative multiplay with content exclusively designed for multiplay purposes. Two phones in the same room can be connected over bluetooth to combat the formidable foes accessible only for a group of adventurers.

The world of Darkwood consist of six tiers that offer plenty of playtime, a beautiful pixel-art scenery and a variety of different quests and opponents.


•             2D pixel-art graphics that are scaled to meet the phone resolution

•             Complete storyline featuring dozens of quests

•             A variety of different monsters to be slayed

•             Multiplayer over bluetooth

•             Exclusive multiplayer content

•             Three character classes to choose from

•             Four unique abilities for each class


Darkwoord RPG is currently available in Nokia Ovi store. Most Nokia phones are supported, see Ovi store for details. Mirake has plans to extend the availability for Android phones during the year 2011.

About Mirake Ltd

Mirake Ltd is a Finnish company that was founded in 2008 by Teemu Kivimäki, Ville Lehtola and Esko Vääräsmäki.

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