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Flash-based space shooter celebrates four years in orbit.

Hundreds of thousands of players celebrate the online sci-fi epic DarkOrbit showers its players with gifts and surprises Hamburg, Dec. 14, 2010 – A galactic event of epic proportions – Bigpoint’s DarkOrbit ( celebrates its four-year anniversary! Since its launch four years ago, DarkOrbit has won many awards and attracted over 47 million registered users, making it not only one of the most successful browser games of all time but also one of the most spectacular and largest sci-fi game worlds ever created. Every day, hundreds of thousands of players fly their customized spaceships across the DarkOrbit galaxy, seeking rare resources, hunting aliens and engaging in action-packed battles. Over 650,000 Streuner NPCs are shot down per day on Instance 22 – one of the game’s oldest and busiest servers – resulting in an average of 15,000 aliens for every pilot over the span of their career.

Presents for everyone

DarkOrbit players didn’t fly away empty-handed on DarkOrbit’s 4th anniversary: Gift packs filled with valuable items such as X4 ammo, rockets, credits or fireworks were sent out into space for players to collect. The icing on the cake was the birthday galaxy gate which players could travel through to explore an unknown galaxy and take on a brand-new menace.

“DarkOrbit has been one of Bigpoint’s success stories these past four years” says Philip Reisberger, Chief Games Officer at Bigpoint. “It’s absolutely amazing how much enthusiasm long-term fans and newcomers alike have poured into the game, making it an exciting, action-packed online universe. We’ve got many surprises planned for the future – and the galaxy gate was just a taste of what’s to come.”

In the Flash-based game DarkOrbit, thousands of players fight for control over the galaxy’s resources in their 3D-rendered spaceships. The award-winning free-to-play browser game, which can be played in over 26 languages at, is one of the most successful online games in Internet history.

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