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Darkest of Days

8monkey's time-travelling FPS coming to Europe via TGC.

Berlin, November 03rd, 2009. What would have happened if futuristic weapons had got into Germany´s hands during the Second World War? Would it have changed history if General Custer had survived the battle at Little Bighorn? And what would have been if Pompeii had not been destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on 24th August in the year 79? TGC – The Games Company invites European PC gamers to join them on a unique journey through time. In the first person shooter Darkest of Days you take on the part of a time cop and hunt down ruthless time travelers who apparently want to manipulate history. Now it is the task of the player to end the chaos and restore order. TGC will soon announce the exact release date for Darkest of Days.

The cinematic and technically brilliant game Darkest of Days is being realized by the US studio 8monkey Labs. With the newly developed Marmorset Engine and GPUaccelerated PhysX effects hundreds of units can be smoothly displayed in large outdoor areas. The result: never before have mass battles of such an epic scale been staged in an first person shooter. For technophiliacs Darkest of Days also provides a PhysX benchmark.

During the extensive campaign the player travels through five epochs in history – from Roman times to the Second World War. Aspiring historians experience epic battles of the American Civil War and fight in the muddy trenches of the First World War. The framework of history can be defended either with realistically recreated weapons from the respective eras or with the ballistic achievements of the future. However, the player has to be careful: One wrong step can change the future and cause great harm to history.

„I am glad that we will be able to provide Europe with Darkest of Days, an outstanding title as far as contents and technology are concerned“, comments Christian Sauerteig, Director Marketing & Sales, TGC. „This is the first time that an first person shooter covers all the most important eras of human history and visualizes them in incredibly detailed and brilliant graphics.”

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