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Dark Sector

PC version of Digital Extremes's shooter on the way via TGC.

Berlin, 10th of March 2009. After the successful and critically acclaimed premiere on console TGC – The Games Company is proud to bring the action packed shooter game Dark Sector to the PC. This summer the Berlin based publisher is going to ship Dark Sector (PC) to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Responsible for the PC adaption of the game is the highly experienced studio Digital Extremes, which already developed the title for the next generation consoles and owns an excellent reputation among action fans. Part of Digital Extremes portfolio are reference titles like Unreal® Tournament, Unreal® Tournament 2003, Unreal® Tournament 2004 and Unreal®.

In Dark Sector the player accompanies special agent Hayden Tenno on a dangerous mission: In Lasria a chaotic city somewehere in Eastern Europe, Tenno uncovers a dark secret and mysterious relict from the cold war. During his mission Tenno is attacked by an unknown enemy and infected by the Technocyte-Virus, a brutal biological weapon, which turns its victims into will-less combat machines. Tenno surprisingly survives the virus attack and realizes that the biological changes to his body go much deeper than expected. Soon he learns that the biological manipulations expanded his abilities, providing him with supernatural powers. Among these powers is the control of the mysterious GLAIVE – a unique blade-like boomerang with exceptional abilities. Will Hayden be able to accomplish his futile mission or die in the process? The outcome is in the hand of the player! Shooter fans, can expect spectacular boss fights and levels with a large diversity in this cinematic action blockbuster.

The following are only a few statements, of what the gaming press had to say about the console premiere of Dark Sector:

„Reave your piggy bank for Dark Sector – an absolute must-have coming out of nowhere!“ – 90%, XBG Games

„You have the coolest weapon to date in the glaive. When you incorporate the music, graphics, and game play style it is really hard not to get into this game and want to keep playing even if you can’t handle horror games, although I think of this game more as creepy than horror.” – 90%, Game Chronicles

“Dark Sector is a very good game.” – 83%,


- a blade-like boomerang with exceptional and highly adaptable abilities

- action packed gameplay with a nerve-wracking plot

- cinematic narratives in top-notch visual quality

- a large diversity of interactive indoor- and outdoor locations

- a sophisticated user interface without any HUD

- intuitive PC controls via mouse and keyboard or analogue gamepad

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