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Dark Fall 2: Lights Out Russian Release Announcement

Moscow, November 20, 2004

Title: Dark Fall 2: Lights Out

Platform: PC

Akella is glad to inform you that the Russian localization of Dark Fall 2: Lights Out has just gone gold.

The sequel to the remarkable Dark Fall: The Journal takes place in 1912.

The bay of Trewarthan is grievously famous for its insidious underwater rocks that took many lives of those who tried to reach the harbor. Parker arrives in Trewarthan to draw minute coastal maps and thus help to avoid future victims. But the locals don't approve Parker's work. Does the work itself bother them this much or is there anything else that makes them hostile to the newcomer? But all the contradictions fade as the sudden disaster breaks: the island is plunged into dense fog and the Fetch Rock lighthouse suddenly gets dim. Fishermen of Trewarthan are helpless since they shiver in terror even by mentioning Fetch Rock.

The returning ships are completely blind without the lighthouse. Will Parker help trewarthans solve the dark mystery of Fetch Rock and restore the salutary light? His skills and wits will guide him through many cunning puzzles to find out what happened to lighthouse keepers. He's going to reveal the truth that lies behind the silence of the citizens and the shroud of Time itself.

Game Features:

  • The thrilling atmosphere will keep you involved until you unravel all the secrets of the lighthouse;
  • A complex plot made up under influence of many stories written by famous authors;
  • Emotional music and sounds providing truly deep immersion;
  • Impressive graphics and enhanced animations for characters and locations;
  • Don't claim you can foretell the ending of this story - your guess will be wrong for sure.

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