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Dance:UK to get feet moving on Xbox

An updated track list, improved dance mat and Xbox Live high score tables are among the improvements which will be featured in British developed dancing game Dance:UK when it arrives on the Xbox in Europe next month.

The title, which has already been a huge hit on the PlayStation platform, selling well over half a million units in the UK alone, was created by Welsh studio Broadsword Interactive and is published by European publisher Big Ben Interactive.

The decision to create an Xbox version follows Microsoft's aggressive price cutting last year - which according to Big Ben managing director Andrew Shepherd, "has shaken off its older, male-dominated demographic."

"Dance:UK will help widen the appal of the Xbox even further by drawing in the elusive, yet lucrative female side of the market," he claimed.

The Xbox version, which will be bundled with an 8-way dance mat peripheral, is due to launch in Europe on July 2nd, with a UK price point of UKP 39.99.

You can read our recent interview with Dance:UK developers Broadsword Interactive [right here].

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