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DanceDanceRevolution PS3

Fact sheet: Now on PS3!

Title: DanceDanceRevolution PS3

Publisher: KONAMI

Developer: GCP1

Release Date: Fall 2010

Platform(s): PS3

ESRB: E 10+

Genre: Music/Dance

Multiplayer: 1 to 4 players


Game Description:

With over 11 years of history, DanceDanceRevolution ® comes to the PS3 for the first time integrating PlayStation Move!

Key Features:

Record yourself and upload to YouTube and Facebook through to share with friends and other DanceDanceRevolution fans Dance Off Mode allows players to take turns to play, while they see themselves dancing on screen through the PlayStation ® EYE . The player who is able to step and dance more accurately will gain more points and will be the winner Club Mode allows players to play 4 to 20 songs consecutively. The difficulty level varies depending on how well the player is dancing in addition to several different gimmicks. If the player changes the options to non-stop, they can keep dancing until their gauge is empty Includes hard hitting music tracks, including “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks and “So Fine” by Sean Paul

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