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Two new gameplay videos released for Codemasters' steampunk shooter.

Friday 24th October/... Revealing the incredible scale of Damnation ’s multiplayer and single player levels, Codemasters™ today released two new gameplay walkthrough videos detailing the steampunk-inspired shooter’s vertical heights and frenetic fire fights. Leaping towards launch this winter on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and PC, the official Damnation gameplay videos are now available to view and download from the new site at

Damnation is a vertical evolution of the shooter, and you can’t evolve the shooter without evolving the multiplayer. Damnation ’s multiplayer has evolved with a vertical twist. Players can cause havoc in four different, action packed and vertically twisted multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Capture the Flag. All the multiplayer maps take advantage of the scale and height of Damnation ’s levels and, with up to 8 players in each map, attacks can truly come from any direction. The inclusion of ‘Spirit Vision’, which allows players to locate each other at the touch of a button, means that Damnation ’s multiplayer game takes on an extra strategic element as players leap, climb and slide towards their objective… or total destruction.

Damnation ’s multiplayer captures the feeling of freedom from the single player campaign and takes that experience into the online arena,” commented Richard Gilbert, Producer, Blue Omega Entertainment. “The vertical twists to Damnation really add to the multiplayer experience; in Capture the Flag, if the flag’s at the bottom of the level, getting to it will be easy, but successfully getting it back up to your base will need some strategic thinking and help from your team mates of course. With attacks coming from all 3 dimensions, it becomes vitally important to use the environment to full effect. As a result, multiplayer combat stays fast, fresh and exciting at all times.”

In Damnation ’s single player missions, players will cover miles of horizontal distance and thousands of vertical feet, taking control of Captain Hamilton Rourke of the Peacemakers while he leaps, climbs, dodges and ultimately shoots his way around the extraordinarily vertical levels, filled with hostile troops. Damnation ’s new single player walkthrough video offers players a glimpse of the scale of the diverse levels, the acrobatic abilities on offer to traverse the levels and examples on how to use the 10 steampunk-inspired weapons to their full, destructive potential.

“We wanted players to feel the freedom of reaching places so many shooters just won’t go,” commented Jacob Minkoff, Lead Designer, Blue Omega Entertainment. “Using Rourke’s incredibly cool acrobatic abilities, players can choose to climb up and rain down death from above, unseen, or simply go in, balls out and guns blazing, causing mayhem and destruction in intense close-quarters fire fights. This freedom of choice is all down to the intuitive navigation system. If you feel like you want to climb high up and attack from above, do it!”

Currently in development at Blue Omega's facilities in Annapolis, USA, Damnation will be available for Xbox 360, the PLAYSTATION 3 system PC this winter. To download the new single and multiplayer walkthrough videos, see all new assets, incredible art, character bios and join the Peacemakers, visit

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Codemasters is a leading developer and publisher of best-selling interactive entertainment products for a global audience across multiple gaming platforms and channels. Established in 1986, the company’s dominant brands include Colin McRae DiRT, Overlord, Clive Barker’s Jericho, Race Driver GRID and Operation Flashpoint. Codemasters is headquartered in Warwickshire UK, with North American operations based in Universal City, Calif. The company also maintains operations in Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Benelux and Malaysia. Codemasters receives over two million visitors to its web site every month, discover why at


Blue Omega Entertainment, founded in 2003, in Annapolis, USA, by CEO Michael Urbanski, as a cutting edge entertainment company specialising in feature film and video game production. Comprised of uniquely talented and diverse professionals from various industries, the team of Blue Omega has made it their goal to develop new best practices for entertainment product development. Blue Omega’s film productions include Dark Ride, released by Lions Gate Films and psychological thriller Danika, starring academy award winner Marisa Tomei and Craig Bierko. Blue Omega is now moving into the video game space with Damnation, a genre-blending action shooter. The prototype was a winner in the Make Something Unreal contest, hosted by Epic Games and sponsored by NVIDIA Corp and now this groundbreaking title is coming to the PC, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 system in late 2008


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