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Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth

Pyramid raiding adventure puzzler with "indirect" character control.



Amsterdam, the Netherlands - November 30 th - Dutch game development studio Bloomsix recently has been praised for their new adventure-puzzle game, Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth, which is available for iPhone and iPod touch. By solving puzzles Damian Filigree is controlled indirectly by the player on his pyramid raiding adventure, with a style that appeals to both casual and veteran adventure gamers.

As the player tries to progress through each level they are faced with a series of hieroglyphs etched into the very stone of the wall, by matching three of these symbols Damian is able to break the stones, an continue throughout the hallways. Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth is a match three game with a twist, matching the symbols is made more difficult by having to rotate whole sections of the puzzle and the oncoming threat of enemies in later level. On his travels Damian will come across traps that can be overcome using a series of items and power-ups acquired upon completing the more difficult puzzles giving this classic game style a more in-depth feel.

With so many good games in this genre, finding one that really stands out is like finding a four-leaf clover in a field green,” wrote Chris Nitz, staff writer at “ Yet, when you do stumble upon that gem, it really shines of awesomeness. Damian Filigree happens to be that four-leaf clover in the field.

We have put a lot of effort into creating a unique blend of casual puzzling and classical adventure gaming,” said Joris Verschoor, co-founder of Bloomsix. “ We hope that by creating this blend, we can let casual gamers taste a bit of the more classic gaming genre.

The high amount of effort has been put into the graphics, sounds and gameplay by the Bloomsix team and this is clearly visible. Whilst the game mechanics are easy to learn it still presents a challenge to puzzle fans without losing accessibility. Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on Apple’s iTunes App Store and via

About Bloomsix:

Bloomsix is an internet-based developer of interactive entertainment software, focusing on connected and social games. Bloomsix is committed to leveraging the unique features of handheld, console and pc devices into a compelling user experience. For more information visit



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