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Daily App Dream

New portal offering iOS developers a way to give their apps away for free - for free.

Daily App Dream is a new games and app portal of content offering free app dreams come true for consumers and developers alike! Launching in December this incredible content portal helps developers enhance the discoverability of their titles by running limited-time free promotions of high-quality games and apps covering all iOS platforms, and offers consumers a chance to experience those products first-hand.

Daily App Dream is conceived by renowned independent games developer Assyria Game Studios and offers to consumers a way of getting the latest and greatest iOS content for a limited time at no cost! Unlike “free” (light) versions of software already available in the App Store, the Daily App Dream portal offers to everyone the luxury of trying out full games traditionally only available as paid products. To consumers, Daily App Dream is a Christmas present: hand-picked, top quality games and apps available as a free download! And Christmas comes early to independent games and app developers too - because unlike similar portals and services, Daily App Dream is wholly operated on an advertising revenue basis allowing developers with AAA content, but limited PR & Marketing budget, to get their titles exposed to every consumer interested in trying out high-quality games and apps! Daily App Dream is truly what its name implies, a way for developers and consumers to have dreams come true on a daily basis!

When Daily App Dream opens its doors in December, there will be no less than 21 games going FREE in the opening week (3 games per day). Further announcements will be made disclosing the launch titles, and among the initial batch of products, there is at least one #1 paid game available on opening day at no charge! In addition to being a content portal for games and app products of the highest quality, Daily App Dream also has a Facebook application (, and a soon-to-be-launched Apple iPhone™ and & Apple iPod touch® app. The Daily App Dream (app) is really awesome as it allows consumers to read reviews of games and apps from within the app itself!

Developers interested in being part of this exiting service are welcomed to submit their titles for evaluation and book a campaign by visiting Consumers interested in receiving daily promotions and (daily) FREE games and apps should sign up immediately by visiting and submit their contact information!

For additional information, marketing, sales and promotional opportunities, please contact Daily App Dream by sending an email to 

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