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Daewon Media - Crayon Shinchan

Japanese comic to become an online game courtesy of Korea's Daewon Media.

(2010/00/00, Seoul, Korea) –Enjoying its 20 th anniversary this year, Crayon Shinchan is a popular Japanese comic with fans all over the world.

Daewon Media, a Korean company, is developing Crayon Shinchan as an online PC game for international market release in 2011.

Crayon Shinchan Online will be developed to capture the humor and wit of the comic that the readers are familiar with.

The action MORPG game will include an easy-to-control interface and cute and dynamic characters to provide users of all ages with fun gameplay.

The storyline of the game is about protecting Shin-chan’s neighborhood (Kasukabe) from monsters from other worlds. In addition to Shin-chan, most of the characters from the comic, including Shin-chan’s family, neighbors, kindergarten friends and villains, appear in gameplay.


Original Work ©Usui Yoshito 1990

Animation Series ©Usui Yoshito/Futabasha/SHIN-EI/TV Asahi/ADK 1992-2010

All trademark and registered rights reserved.

Licensed by Futabasha Publishers Ltd.

Online game©2010 DAEWON MEDIA/Rainfall soft

About Daewon Media

Daewon Media is a Korean company involved in the production and licensing of animations, toys and games. It has been planning the international market release of Crayon Shinchan Online for the past 3 years.

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PR Manager Ju-Hyoung, Cho



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