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Digital Bridges and MGM Interactive launch Robocop™ and Platoon™ Across Europe

London, 15th October 2004: The dbigames publishing unit of Digital Bridges, a world leader in the creation and distribution of mobile entertainment solutions, today announced the launch of RobocopTM, an all- action shoot-em-up mobile game based on the Paul Verhoeven's 1987 sci-fi hit movie; and PlatoonTM, an atmospheric jungle combat game based on Oliver Stone's Academy Award® winner for Best Picture in 1986.

Both titles, licensed from MGM Interactive, will go live across Europe later this month. They have been developed as downloadable games for mobile phones and will be available from a wide range of distribution channels including mobile network operators, retail, online portals, and, in the UK, the SKY Active interactive television service.

RobocopTM is one of the most successful and extensive sci-fi film and entertainment franchises of recent years, generating three feature films, a television series, an animated series, and console videogames. Players of the mobile game get to rid the streets of a near-future Detroit of criminal scum and protect the city's innocent citizens from evil crime lords and the corrupt executives of Omni Consumer Products. The gameplay is across a grand scale with three different environments and nine levels - including three separate boss levels.

The mobile game is true to the brand, with the plot, graphics, music, characters and catchphrases all paying homage to the cult original. Classic side-scrolling shooting action is combined with graphically rich special effects including explosions, lifts and laser guns, for a comprehensive sci-fi action package.

PlatoonTM, the most famous "Vietnam brand" of them all, was the title of the genre-defining 1986 Vietnam film by Oliver Stone that won 4 Oscars® including Best Picture. The film grossed over $137 million at the US box office alone. The mobile game version of the franchise is launching at a time when Vietnam has become the most popular combat game genre in videogames, with a raft of titles introduced by most major publishers.

Players of the mobile game version of PlatoonTM discover whether they have what it takes to survive in jungle combat, controlling two characters from the film in a variety of squad missions including perilous night-time patrols in enemy territory. Each of the squad members, ranging from snipers to medics to bomb disposal experts, comes with different skills, weapons and equipment, requiring the platoon commander to select the two soldiers most apt to survive and complete the different missions. The game integrates realistic weather conditions as well as the innovative revolving graphics also featured in dbigames' Dungeon Storm title.

Commented Paul Maglione, Senior VP of Publishing and Marketing for Digital Bridges, "Film franchises have been among the winning genres in mobile gaming, and with Robocop and Platoon we have two of the most iconic, high-concept titles in mobile gaming today. We are very pleased at the levels of graphics and gameplay that we have been able to bring to these titles on mobile phones, and look forward to high-profile launches in close collaboration with our distribution partners across Europe."

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About Digital Bridges

Founded in 1998, Digital Bridges is a world leader in the creation and distribution of mobile entertainment solutions. An industry pioneer, Digital Bridges provides the best in mobile entertainment to a global distribution network of operators, portals, retailers, interactive TV channels and other e-commerce outlets, representing over 400 million subscribers worldwide. The company possesses a unique combination of mobile technology, development and publishing expertise, and works with many of the world's leading media and entertainment brands including Crash BandicootTM, RollerballTM, RobocopTM, The Pink PantherTM, PlatoonTM, The Fast and the FuriousTM, Weakest Link, Space Invaders®, EA SPORTSTM FIFA Football 2004 Mobile International Edition and EA SPORTSTM Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 2004. UNITY, the company's best-in-class technology platform, supports all current and future mobile standards, protocols, technologies and operating systems. Digital Bridges' investors include Apax Partners, Argo Global Capital and Openwave Systems Inc. Digital Bridges has its commercial and publishing headquarters in London, with technology & production divisions in Dunfermline, Scotland, as well as sales offices in Paris and New York.

For more information, please call +44 (0)20 7901 1760 or visit us at our corporate site , our games publishing site or our mobile games retail packs site

About MGM Interactive

MGM Interactive, a unit of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. (NYSE: MGM), manages business development and production of interactive products for a variety of multimedia platforms, as well as talent and developer relationships. MGM Interactive's upcoming games include GoldenEye: Rogue Agent published by Electronic Arts from the James Bond game franchise, Rocky Legends from Ubisoft, the next game in the smash hit Rocky game franchise, Stargate SG-1 from Perception PTY Ltd., based on the highly rated hit television series, and mobile phone games and downloads for Pink Panther, Rocky and Stargate SG-1. For more information, visit


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