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Cubed Addict

Multiplayer puzzler playable via phones or the web, with prizes to be won.

- More addictive than Tetris!

- Free phenomenon hottest thing on handsets around the world

Cubed Addict is the first game from Dojo and is the latest videogaming craze sweeping the internet around the world. The simple yet ingenious game is an international innovation, uniting players on their mobile phones and on computers for the first time.

The game is a true mass-market proposition, simple and free. It allows the user to win amazing online prizes and is the first in a series of titles from ground-breaking technology firm Dojo. For the first time gamers will be able to play with and against challengers around the world in real-time on their mobiles, using Dojo’s cutting-edge multiplayer gaming technology.

Following the success of global gaming on computers, Dojo will offer mobile internet users the opportunity to join the global phenomenon on their phones. Recent research has shown that internet usage on mobile phones is increasing, with a recent survey showing that the average mobile internet user is surfing around 160 mobile web pages per day, while heavy users are logging in up to 10 times per day and spending up to 2.5 hours online. The Dojo platform will fulfill the thirst of mobile users to game against friends and strangers around the world.

Dojo is also set to become THE destination for users who visit online social communities like Facebook and Bebo.

By complementing these sites, in Q1 2009, Dojo widgets will bring a new cross-platform entertainment offering to social gamers. Game widgets are increasingly being seen as a tool for bringing users back to social networking sites on a regular basis, according to the latest research released by Bullhound Independent Technology Research. The latest stats from the research company found 18-24-year-olds were twice as likely to play games through their social networking sites as other demographics – pointing towards continued growth in this sector.

Virtual coins won by playing Cubed Addict can be used to buy digital goods from the online Dojo shop, like in-game power-ups and entry to premium tournaments – encouraging users to stay in this virtual online world, no matter if they are on their PC or mobile phone. It is the global nature of the programme that has really excited the game playing web and mobile phone community.

David Kainer, Dojo Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Dojo, which now owns an Australian tech division, Viva La Mobile, explained: “A mobile user in Russia can now play against a mobile user in the UK or PC user in the USA for free and in real time. Dojo does not discriminate which network you are on, nor which internet device you are using.”

“Dojo users can be playing at work, on a PC and then continue playing on their way home on their mobile. The same game, the same points, and the same rankings – it’s seamless.”

The first Dojo game Cubed Addict is now in its final Beta stage and downloadable on Mobile or PC from Despite only being online for four weeks it is already being used by gamers in more than 20 countries averaging 10 000 game sessions per day. Users are from countries including Russia, UK, USA, Indonesia, India, France, Germany, Australia, Poland, Brazil, Spain and more, competing against each other on their mobile phones. The PC side has not even started to be distributed yet.

Jamie Conyngham, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Dojo, added: “What users are telling us is that this Cubed Addict game is, as the name suggests, hugely addictive! In fact, the Dojo global concept is something that awakens the primitive competitive instinct in people and gamers across the world are hooked. It’s fun and satisfying.”

He added that the game’s prizes only added to its appeal: “When it is live, fast and in real-time it is a totally different feeling to playing a mobile game against a computer. And the addiction only gets stronger once people start winning more and more coins to use in the system to buy digi-goods like power-ups.”

Tournaments, chat and buddy functions are also set to make the game one of the internet and mobile smash-hit games of winter 2008. The title is also set to be the launchpad for Dojo becoming a household name for casual and regular gamers alike. The company is working on further high-tech hardware, software and some of the most exciting and innovative games across the broadest range of platforms possible.

Editor’s Notes


• Dojo Media Ltd was founded in 2008, and has 100% of ownership of its Australian Tech Centre, Viva La Mobile Pty Ltd

• Based in London and Sydney

• Five years of core technology development, tweaking, testing, deploying to create this advanced platform.

• Has community features including chat, buddies, mail and tournaments

How it’s funded:

• Free to download, funded by advertisements

• Offers advertisers something new, innovative, current and different – with customisable animations, tournaments, banners and digi-goods to agencies and brands


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