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Cthulhu Saves the World

Xbox Indie RPG from the chaps who brought us Breath of Death VII: The Beginning.

Zeboyd Games (Breath of Death VII: The Beginning) is proud to announce their upcoming RPG, Cthulhu Saves the World for the XBox 360.

Cthulhu was all set to plunge the world into insanity and destruction when a band of heroes cursed him and sealed away his powers. The only way for him to break the curse is to become a true hero. Save the world to destroy it!


An epic journey of redemption and insanity! Classic 8/16-bit style combined with the best of modern gameplay design. 720p! Parallax scrolling! Backgrounds! Use magic and skills to inflict insanity upon your opponents! Insane enemies are more dangerous but also more vulnerable! More accessible than ever before! Collect Save Notebooks to save wherever you like! Collect 1Ups to retry failed battles! 7 playable characters - Umi the beautiful heroine with an unhealthy obsession with the ocean, Sharpe the sentient floating sword, October the cute necromancer, Paws the alien cat, Dacre a senile old man, Ember the dark dragon, and of course, Cthulhu from the classic horror of H.P. Lovecraft! A 6-10 hour main quest with multiple difficulties and post-game modes like Score Attack and Highlander to increase replayability! All of the great features players know and love from Breath of Death VII: The Beginning have returned - fast-paced gameplay, combo system, random encounter limits, unite techniques, branching LV-Ups, and more! Cthulhu Saves the World is currently scheduled for an August 2010 release on Xbox Live Indie Games. It will cost 240 MS points ($3 USD).

For more information on Cthulhu Saves the World and Zeboyd Games, please visit http://zeboyd.com For press inquiries, please contact Robert Boyd at rdespair@gmail.com

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