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iPhone shooter "made for hardcore gamers by hardcore gamers" and available shortly.

United Kingdom and United States – June 3rd, 2009 – iPhone publisher, Chillingo and US-based game developer h.grenade today announced the impending availability of their definitive iPhone shooter, Circuit Strike.One (CS.One).

CS.One is the killer app that will shatter your expectations of mobile gaming with high risk/reward gameplay and over the top audio/visual synchronized combat. Slide on your sickest headphones and put aside some borrowed time because your circuits are about to get smoked.

Decimate pixels and shift time in gaming’s first interactive audio/visual environment mixed in real-time, on beat and in response to your actions. Do you have what it takes to survive the onslaught of enemy attacks and eradicate their defenses before the Data.Core self destructs? In CS.One you go head-to head with the System Admin inside an advanced computer Network using a highly maneuverable and lightning fast virtual ship in zero-gravity simulation to wreak havoc on the system, killing Turrets, Drones, Ships, Trace Routes and Intelligent AI sent to destroy you. Collect Ghost Data from their devastated remains to engage Bullet.Time – a dynamic, slow motion game mechanic where audio speed and pitch are warped in real-time and your ship becomes invincible. You will need every hack at your disposal. It’s man vs. machine in an all out deathmatch in nanospace.

Made for hardcore gamers by hardcore gamers, CS.One is as beautiful as it is brutal. From the euphoria you’ll get when you’re dodging a curtain of turret fire that’s only pixels away from killing you, to the rush of booting up Bullet.Time at the last nanosecond before impact, or the high of strafing the last remaining Shield.Generator in zero gravity, CS.One will keep you coming back for more. It’s easy to get hypnotized by the pulsing floor, chain reaction explosions and flickering feedback effects, but you need to stay razorwire sharp and on the edge if you want to succeed. You will need to think fast and react even faster. CS.One was designed to challenge the skilled and reward the dedicated, requiring a high level of dexterity to unlock all 3 difficulty levels, all of the 30 achievements, and to dominate the online leader board. As the game intensity changes, so does the pulse pounding soundtrack and the low-tech, retro 3D environment, making every replay unique.

“CS.One will not walk you to the bus, hold your hand, make you a heart-shaped PB&J or applaud your half-assed skills. It will however, have you begging for more abuse. Call it tough love. Through gaming,” said Shay Casey, Studio Head of h.grenade. “h.grenade was established to help counter the onslaught of cute happening in mobile and casual games. There are just not enough frenetic, explosive, and stylized action titles available. We want to see more games that are highly polished, original and artistic, fast paced and ideally more violent in the casual genre. Who doesn’t love destruction? Even in small doses.”

CS.One will be available for $.99 (59p) from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at The game will return to regular price of $2.99 at the next major update.

For more information contact:

James Beaven

Indigo Pearl


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About Chillingo

Chillingo are the publishers of popular iPhone and iPod touch titles including the award winning Zen Bound TM that won multiple awards at the recent Independent Games Festival (IGF) Mobile 2009 and the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA). Their recent title “iDracula– Undead Awakening” zoomed up the App Store charts days after its release. For more information about Chillingo please visit

About h.grenade

h.grenade games is an independent game studio created to produce hardcore games for the casual market. Owner, artist and developer, Shay Casey, brings a unique slant to game development by combining 20+ years of experience as an award winning graphic designer and multimedia programmer with a AAA UI a design background on projects like, Silent Hill V and total-conversion Half Life 2 mod Nuclear Dawn. Shay has created illustration, design, organized chaos and youth culture identity design for clients like Epic Records/Good Charlotte, Rockband/Harmonix/EA, 2K Sports, ESPN, Heineken, MLB, Paramount Pictures and more. For more information about h.grenade please visit

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