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Crystal Quest

1987's Mac shoot-'em-up winds up on the iPhone.

San Francisco, CA. - November 13, 2008 - Hands-On Mobile, Inc., a leading developer of connected games and applications, today announced that one of the 1980's favorite games, Crystal Quest, is now available for iPhone and iPod touch from the Apple App Store. Crystal Quest made its first appearance on the Macintosh in 1987, and has progressively grown its fan base throughout the years. Delivering a unique combination of therapeutic enjoyment and intense, adrenalin-boiling arcade action the player's objective is to collect enough crystals to open a gateway to advance to the next level.

"It is a tremendous pleasure for us to re-release this beloved title that so many gaming fans have memories of playing for countless enjoyable hours. It's very exciting to recognize Crystal Quest's Mac roots by re-releasing a new and better version for iPhone and iPod touch," said Niccolo de Masi, president, Hands-On Mobile. "With its addictive gameplay and built-in fan base, we know that Crystal Quest will be a huge hit worldwide."

First created by veteran game developer Patrick Buckland, Crystal Quest is a mega-selling classic 20 years in the making. This space shooter game features updated graphics with retro gameplay requiring players to pilot a ship through wave after wave of action, collecting crystals and evading the Nasties, unique enemies that emerge from portals on each side of the screen. Fire your weapon at them, or deploy a smart bomb to vaporize every Nasty on the screen. Collect all the crystals to open the gateway to the next level, but don't forget to gather up the goodies in each wave - from bonus points to extra smart bombs and even an occasional mega-crystal for massive points. Any little bit helps on your Crystal Quest!

"Good old-fashioned arcade games are making a comeback because they are still just as much fun as they were 25 years ago," said Buckland. "The idea for the game came from a simple observation that people like to clean things up. Present them with a chaotic playfield and build the game around erasing it. There's something built into us all that makes this enjoyable. Crystal Quest was hardly the first game to feature such an experience, but it's probably the first game that was blatantly built around this concept."

Crystal Quest is available worldwide for $4.99 from Apple's App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

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