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CrosuS Is HERE

Brand New Game Management System For EVERY PC Gamer

Isotx HQ, January 11th 2008. Games company Isotx is downright proud - and a little emotional - to announce the release of CrosuS, the brand new Game Management System for the PC.

CrosuS is a new tool which finds the latest content and updates for all of your favourite PC games from the latest blockbusters to old-school classics - and delivers it straight to your desktop. CrosuS brings the best mods, maps, tools, news, reviews, videos, tournaments and competitions together and lets YOU control how you play and enjoy your PC games.

CrosuS works with a rapidly growing number of titles. It even supports the leading online game retail channels, including Steam and Xfire, to make sure it provides the widest possible support for the world's best games.

CrosuS started life as a 'mod jukebox', created by the development team at Isotx when they were working on their first game. Patrick Flanagan, the CrosuS project manager explains, "We realized that hunting for new mods, installing them and getting them to work was eating into the time we could spend actually playing - and decided there HAD to be a better way."

CrosuS scans your hard drive to find installed games - then delivers a list of the latest online mods, maps and tools. You can install and play them direct from the CrosuS client in only a couple of clicks.

You can also find the latest news and reviews for your favourite games, leave your own opinions on the mods and updates, chat with other gamers using the integrated IRC client and use CrosuS to find other players and organise competitions and tournaments.

Even better - you decide which games CrosuS supports. Gamers can tell Isotx which games they want to see - or actually upload their own content. From old school arcade titles and

"CrosuS is much, much more than just a retail channel," says Byron Rupp, the head of Isotx. "It brings together all of the latest information and updates and puts it right at the gamer's fingertips. It makes finding and playing new content as simple as possible, it puts the gamer right at the heart of everything on their PC."

CrosuS also gives game developers and modders a new way to reach players. CrosuS allows developers to take their games direct to players and can even help the development process with secure groups for beta testers and limited access groups for paying customers.

"We want to make CrosuS an indispensable part of every PC user's life," says Patrick. "No matter what type of games they play - from the most dedicated hardcore gamer through to casual players and people who use their PC for general entertainment and media - we plan to have something in there for everyone. CrosuS makes it simple to get the very most out of your PC and spend your time doing the fun stuff instead of the searching, installing and troubleshooting."

CrosuS is available for download direct from www.Isotx.com .


Notes To Editors:

About Isotx

Isotx is a game development studio with a particular expertise in combat/warfare titles. The team has released a number of titles to date in the form of total conversion mods, which use the game engines of other titles.

MidEast Crisis and MidEast Crisis 2 are realtime strategy games, which are based upon the best-selling Command and Conquer franchise.

Iron Grip: The Oppression, based on the critically acclaimed Half Life 2 game engine, is the first game to be set in Isotx's new 'Iron Grip' universe, a fully realised world in which multiple factions wage war for dominion. Iron Grip: The Oppression offers gamers something completely new, blending realtime strategy and first-person shooter gameplay. One player takes the role of Rahmos, the despotic ruler, commanding multiple troops in an RTS style game. Opposing players are Resistance soldiers, fighting for freedom in classic FPS mode.

Isotx plans to release multiple titles set within the Iron Grip universe, with a title already in production for release in early 2008.

Isotx is also the creator of the CrosuS game management system. CrosuS is a single, central resource which enables gamers to get the most out of all of their PC games. CrosuS detects installed games and delivers a comprehensive list of the most up-to-date news, information and downloads direct to the user's desktop. CrosuS offers one-click installation of the latest mods, maps, patches, tools and updates for PC games. Users can also read - and post - reviews of new mods, chat with other players, find games, tournaments and other players of the same rank and submit new titles for inclusion within CrosuS.

For more information please go to www.isotx.com



Partick Flanagan

CrosuS Project Manager

E: patrick@isotx.com


Brian Baglow

Indoctrimat Ltd.

T: +44 (0) 1577 864100

M: +44 (0) 7747 792247

E: brian@indoctrimat.com


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