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Crossbar Challenger

Offering 50% of daily sales to grassroots football clubs.


Crossbar challenger is the most exciting soccer game currently in the Istores. The company created this application as they were inspired whilst watching youngsters attempt to hit a crossbar at a soccer game. Based in Liverpool (United Kingdom) they believe this game will be a huge success as it’s so addictive.

Crossbar Challenger includes several levels where you challenge yourself to flick a football onto the crossbar to generate points. The objective of the game is to hit as many points as you can to top the leadership board. The more points you hit the more levels you unlock. Seriously addictive!

Customer reviews:

“The app is so addictive

Race you all to the highest score”

“Brilliant game! Makes tube journeys fly. So addictive!!!!!”

Crossbar Challenger is available now for download at 0.59 pence. Access the Istores and download this exciting soccer game for your Iphone, I pod or I pad.

The game is a must have as there is nothing like it. A unique game for all ages to enjoy!

Crossbar Challenger can also be used to raise funds for grassroots soccer clubs worldwide. See for more details.

Founded in 2009, Crossbar challenger is brand new concept to soccer games on the Istores. Crossbar challenger was created by Educational Enterprise who develops exciting ideas into real concepts. We believe in creativity and professionalism. More information about Crossbar Challenger can be found at or follow us on facebook and twitter. 


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