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Cronous Launches Commercial Service

Heavenly Hover Island and flying ships will be updated as Cronous launches its Commercial Service this August offering users around with more fun.

Seoul, Korea, August 13, 2007 - Sang-Wook Lee, CEO of Lizard Interactive Co., Ltd., announced today that Cronous will launch its Commercial Service this August.

Cronous will still be Free to Play online but will also include an Item Shop where users can buy premium items. Introduction of its commercial service will not affect overall balance of the game it will just add more fun for the players.

CEO Sang-Wook Lee said "With the support from all gamers and fans of Cronous, we were able to successfully conclude both CBT and OBT. I assure you that, with the launch of commercial service, we will implement well-systemized game management and various updates to provide better service for you."

Along with the launch, Cronous will be having an Item Shop opening event and the Grand Update of Episode 5 including new zones of Hover Island, flying ships and boss monsters.

The flying ship, called Narsha, is a means of transportation to get to Hover Island. Hover Island consists of the River of Resurrection, River of Flame, River of Ordeal, River of Hero and Monster Mill. In these new zones, users will be able to acquire materials to create new weapons.

Another feature to focus on in the coming update is the new boss Jakiel. Being one of 5 Advocates of Macuapel, Jakiel controls the Monster Mill, researching and seeking ways to resurrect Macuapel. With items that would be dropped when Jakiel is defeated, gamers may create and acquire the rarest of items with fortified magical damage.

Lastly, but not least, a unique growth item that is not found in any other games is included in the update. Cronous has adopted the Growth System which means that as a character gains experience and grows so does the item. Growth items will have different characteristics depending on the propensity of the gamer in battles. Gamers can name their growth items and, if successfully raised, have it remain in the Cronous forever.

Developers of Lizard Interactive emphasized that Cronous has fast speed and verisimilitude like Diablo and strong online community with vast content. They are also convinced that it has the essential elements to be the best MMORPG available.

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Press Info: Kyung-Ah Kim

Marketing Team/Deputy Manager


About Lizard interactive, Inc.

Lizard Interactive, Inc. previously known as Iksung Telecom, was established in year 1996 started off as mobile game developer. Lizard Interactive has been given Presidential Award in recognition of Lizard's contribution of development of software industry and selected to participate in Innovative Technology Development Project in field of 3D Online Game Engine both by Ministry of Information and Communication of Korea.

Currently, Lizard Interactive is servicing two 3D MMORPG online games, namely, 'Cronous' and 'Cheondo Online'. Cronous has been selected as Promising Contents by Ministry of Culture and Tourism and has been in service since year 2002. It is gaining popularity not only in Korea but also in Japan and China. Cronous is currently has initialized Global Service hoping to provide quality service to international gamers. (

Cheondo Online is schedule to enter China, Japan and Taiwan market. Lizard Interactive is acquiring recognition as solid game developer both locally in Korea and abroad.

About KIPA

KIPA(Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency) was established in 1998 by the Ministry of Information and Communication as a non-profit organization. Its role is to contribute to the globalization of the Korea information technology industry, support start-up software companies, and improve the quality of Korea's software the industry's productivity through process improvement efforts. "Global Service Platform" initiative, which is also known as 'game&game(" and "game&game world championship(", is an part of its global marketing support program for the information technology industry.

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