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Critical Acclaim For Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

Lead Pursuit LLC has won critical acclaim for its first product, Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. The definitive F-16 combat simulator -- fully supporting dual core processors -- has earned a reputation for excellence from some of the industry's top reviewers. It confirms Lead Pursuit's commitment to quality, fidelity and the intelligent flight simulation enthusiast.

Kurt Giesselman, President and CEO, Lead Pursuit LLC., said: "Our first release has gone great. When the reviews started coming in, it was clear that the simulation was something special to many of those who were analyzing the product. We really wanted to honor the Falcon name in this new Battlefield Operations Series. The product thrusts military combat simulators back into the spotlight of the gaming industry. I would like to extend a special thanks to our partners."

Trey Smith, Director, Graphsim Entertainment Inc., said: "By every measure, Falcon 4.0: Allied Force has met or exceeded our sales projections and the editorial response has been phenomenal. We are extremely pleased with the strong sales performance. It has been incredibly gratifying to help bring Lead Pursuit's vision to flight sim fans around the world."

Paul Chaney, Managing Director, Horizon Simulation Ltd., said: "It's been more than five years since the original Falcon 4.0 release and we're delighted with Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. The demand for another Falcon simulation has been remarkable. A large void in the military flight sim market has finally been filled."

The accolades, in alphabetical order, include:


Best Combat Simulator: From the judges: "We thought this a fitting designation for the truly outstanding contributions of new simulators and related hardware, aircraft, panel, scenery, and add-on utilities we've seen this past year. We've selected what AVSIM Online's Editors judge to be the best from both freeware and commercial product (including shareware) publishers and developers."



4.5 out of 5: "Easily the best flight and fight sim ever created. And I don't say that lightly. I must have played this game for 15 hours and I'm still only scratching the surface. The manual is over 600 pages. It's not easy but at least if you make the effort you won't be plagued by buggy programming. It's the kind of sim that others will be compared to for years to come. "



[no scoring system] "When you are first dropped into the new surrounds of the F4:AF cockpit, the first thing that strikes you is the photo realistic appearance of every dial, instrument and display. F4:AF's F-16 pit is absolutely exquisite. For many, Falcon was the King of all combat flight sims. It looks like the King has returned bigger and better than ever. Long live the King!"


Best Simulation Award, 2005: "I am having more fun than I have had in a very long time in Falcon. If you are new to Falcon or gave up on Falcon before SP3 there is very little not to like in Allied Force. Multiplayer works like a charm. All in all, Falcon 4.0: Allied Force gets two thumbs up from me."



84%: "It goes without saying that ANY Falcon 4.0 sky jockey needs to snatch this title up. With improved graphics, a wealth of dynamic missions and campaigns, the mission builder and the rabid fan base, Falcon. 4.0: Allied Force is another strong entry into the shrinking sim market."



89%: "It is cheap, about as complete as a game of this nature can be, and thanks to the plethora of missions, the inclusion of a mission editor, and especially the several dynamic campaigns, the sim offers limitless re playability. Falcon 4.0: Allied Force shows that its potential has finally been realized."



85%: Gold Award + Dynamic Campaign Award: "Still King of the air. When it comes to adrenaline kicks, the air battles in Falcon compare with every wild (FPS) shooter. Those who think flight simulators are boring don't know Allied Force!"


89% Must Buy Award: "The real joy of the game is seeing the complex, constantly changing conflicts first-hand from the cockpit of the gravity-mocking F-16 jet. Three variants of the versatile Falcon are modeled, each with breathtakingly faithful avionics and cockpit functionality. Sensational campaigns, superlative realism, impressive scaleability. Go purchase the most realistic, most absorbing jet sim money can buy."


5 out of 5 Classic Award: "To say that the campaigns in AF are a triumph would be to undersell them. Put plainly, no high-street sim can offer you a more accurate portrayal of a modern military airborne radar system. Lead Pursuit should be congratulated for refurbishing Falcon so successfully. It's significantly closer to perfection than any of its rivals."


82% Essential Award: "You suddenly realize that this is a game, sorry simulation, of such intelligence, such utter authenticity and attention to detail that few, if any, other flight sims can match its passion for avionic and tactical perfection. If you dedicate yourself to learning how an F-16 really flies ... then you'll find that Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is a work of genuine excellence."


88% "F4:AF has punched holes in some of the commonly held views that we simmers have about ourselves. It is hard to overstate the significance of Falcon 4: Allied Force. We think its impact, not only upon the Falcon 4 community, but the flight simulation and the simulation community as whole, is going to be greater than anything we have seen in a very long time."

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


[no scoring system] "I can safely say that F4AF is, in spirit at least, the rightful successor to Falcon 4. There is great life left in the 'ole gal, and with such a great group of dedicated people at the controls, the game will remain stable and expandable for a long time to come."



Falcon 4.0: Allied Force, the successor of Falcon 4.0, is an advanced F-16 combat flight simulator for the PC. The player takes on the role of a pilot flying a multitude of missions in either the Balkans Theater of Operations or the Korean Theater of Operations in a fully dynamic, evolving war.

Features include:

Multiple threads for true Dual Core processor support

Improved graphics engine

Reworked multiplayer engine

Highly advanced Artificial Intelligence

716-page advanced .pdf manual, 109-page "new player" printed manual

Reworked Dynamic Campaign Engine

Brand new theater of operations

New high resolution models and cockpits

Highly detailed terrain and airbases

Intuitive User Interface screens

The graphics engine supports real-time terrain lighting, dynamically-shaded 3D volumetric clouds and alpha-blended scattered clouds. Fog is also implemented and combined with new high resolution textures on models and the terrain, the visuals are tremendously improved. Highly detailed and clickable cockpits for three different F-16 aircraft are included: the Block 50/52, 40/42 and MLU variants.

The multiplayer engine features a new, problem-free connection method with support for a centralized, server-system style of play for Internet and Local Area Network (LAN) games. Performance and reliability have been greatly improved for both custom made missions and campaign flights.

The Dynamic Campaign Engine (DCE) is the war simulator where any event happening in any part of the theater of combat affects the war's direction throughout that theater. How you perform in your mission directly, and proportionately, determines what happens elsewhere. This is true for the tens of thousands of computer controlled entities in the game. It means that the player really feels part of a living war environment, part of something that is evolving around them in real time.

Some of the greatest changes have been to improve the interaction of computer controlled aircraft and the hundreds of ground entities in Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. Thousands of hours of work has led to remarkable improvements in artificial intelligence. During missions, computer-controlled aircraft will perform with precision. The role of the Forward Air Controller (FAC) is now implemented, allowing the player to co-operate with other flight aircraft when carrying out ground attacks. Brand new Air Traffic Control intelligently manages the flights in and out of bases.

The F-16's electronic systems simulated in Falcon 4.0: Allied Force, including the avionics, are the most realistic for the home personal computer. Numerous modes and sub-modes in air-to-air and air-to-ground radar are accurately implemented to immerse the player in the feel of operating a modern combat aircraft.

The new theater of operations is the Balkans. There are three time periods stretching from the mid-1990s to 2010, featuring appropriate aircraft, squadrons and units. Each theater period has three campaigns, making nine in total for the Balkans. Falcon 4.0: Allied Force also features a heavily revised Korean theater and associated campaigns.

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