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Crisp Thinking reveals NetModerator for U13

UK firm introduces new child protection software for ages 13 and under

British firm Crisp Thinking has announced an advanced version of its successful child protection software with the introduction of NetModerator for U13 (children under the age of 13).

As detailed in a interview with Crisp Thinking founder Adam Hildreth, the original version of NetModerator is already incorporated into high profile online titles such as Sony Online Entertainment's Free Realms.

The new version of the software takes advantage of adaptive white list technology, which uses a list of approved words and calculates hundreds of thousands of likely variants - rather than using a static list of approved or proscribed words.

As a result, games, virtual worlds and websites with chat features can ensure they are COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant without complex and invasive parental authorisation.

"The way kids and teens speak privately online is so fluid and changing that systems without our adaptive list technology just can’t fully cope," explained Hildreth.

"It doesn't matter if it's urban slang, regional colloquialisms, l33t speak or even invented words, NetModerator for U13 can deal with it. Our technology goes far beyond just monitoring for specific words. We can analyse the context and intent of the participants."

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