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Crime Life hits the street

Konami of Europe's gang-based fighting game comes out of the shadows

17th August, 2005

Konami of Europe will be using the Games Convention show in Leipzig to show a new version of its vaunted free-roaming fighting game, Crime Life: Gang Wars.

Built around an accessible, thrilling, free-roaming 3D beat'em' up fighting system, Crime Life: Gang Wars is a stunning crime-themed action title, tracing the rise of a young hood within a tough street gang. The central character, Tre, is followed as players embark on his journey to make a name for himself. The game mixes action and fighting elements within a gritty, detailed storyline to explore modern-day urban gang culture.

Incredible detail is used to bring Crime Life: Gang Wars' setting of Grand Central to life, with the graffiti-marked streets playing host to snooker halls, barbers and stores, all of which provide focal points for locals. Running the city are The Headhunterz, a powerful, rival gang modeled on and voiced by key members of D12 - Detroit's notorious Hip Hop Collective. Tre joins his cousins gang, The Outlawz where he will rise from small-time hood to major-league player as they try to regain their turf from the Headhunterz.

Urban culture provides a sharp focus for Crime Life: Gang Wars, with the game enjoying a varied Hip Hop soundtrack featuring Europe's up and coming artists, while the game also features the styles and fashions of Afro-American inner-city culture. A sense of community also features strongly and Tre works to defend his crew from the violence and treachery that permeates the society he lives in.

In Crime Life: Gang Wars reputation is everything, and for the player to survive they must establish Tre as the toughest fighter against the most menacing gang members out there, all of whom are battling for street supremacy. The player will always feel like their next fight could finish them or make their name forever - will Tre's story have a happy ending?

Crime Life: Gang Wars will be released for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC in November. For more information, please contact Steve Merrett on 020 7903 5122 or email steve@voltagepr.com.

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