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Creative Game Making : Clickteam Announces Games Factory 2

Follow up to the successful Game creator to Hit PC Later this year


Paris, France - May 12, 2005 - Clickteam is a leading "Game making programs" creation development team, today announced, The Games Factory 2 for the PC.

With its brand new code core, a multitude of new features and more power than ever, The Games Factory improves on the original creation tool, while presenting a completely fresh experience to games making.

The Games Factory 2 allows users from any background create their own games quickly and easily without any prior programming knowledge. TGF2 allows fast development and prototyping of games, including platform, side-scrolling, retro, racing car, Card Games, Board games and a multitude of others!

Some of the New Features include

- Create XP Menus

- Totally redesigned Interface

- Integrated debugger

- Integrated installer based on Install Creator

- Parallax Scrolling and graphic layers

- Multiple movement nodes

- Ability to Change File Properties

- New Programming Commands - Including Groups within Groups and securing code

- Music and sound improvements - including multiple channels

- Ability to change the frame rate

- Support for four button Joysticks

The Games Factory is planned for release on the PC in the 3rd Quarter of 2005.

For further information about TGF2:

Jason Darby - UK Business Development


Clickteam is a leading programming tools development team who make multimedia and game authoring tools for those with little or no programming knowledge and professionals looking for a rapid development process.

The two main partners of Clickteam are François Lionet and Yves Lamoureux. Both of them can be called "pioneers" of personal computing. They have been releasing commercial software since 1983. Prior to working with Yves, François was the author of successful titles on the Atari ST and Amiga computers. These included STOS Basic and AMOS Basic. Yves worked on many successful games for different companies, and then worked with François in 1994 on the award winning Klik & Play. Since then, Yves and François never stopped working together on the "click" range. Clickteam has been a reality for more than 9 years now. The head office is located in Paris, France and have two operations offices in the UK and USA. More information about the company and its range of products is available online at

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